Sunday, February 19, 2017

Old Rock Dam on Bear Creek in South Fulton County

Located near Palmetto, where Cochran Mill used to be. In the early 1900s the Cochrans converted the mill into an electric generator and provided the first electric power to Palmetto. There was a mill there and a cabin built on stilts out in the water. One of our governors, Governor Rivers, sometimes stayed in the cabin and spent time with the Cochrans. He ...later was responsible for running electricity to most of rural Georgia.
...Under Rivers' leadership, electrical services were expanded to rural areas of the state. Georgia moved from the lowest-ranked state to the top of the list in the number of rural electrification associations... Wikipedia.
I believe that Governor Rivers either stayed here to observe and learn how Mr. Cochran ran electric power to Palmetto because he was trying to expand electrical services to rural areas or, that he was so impressed by Mr. Cochran’s electric mill that it inspired him to power rural areas of Georgia.
Roger Pollard

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