Monday, February 6, 2017


There is a lot of history hiding in this unassuming little bus stop at the main entrance to Valdosta State University in Lowndes County. It was constructed in 1917 as a waiting station for the Valdosta Street Railroad Company for what was then an all women school - South Georgia State Normal College (which eventually became Valdosta State College in 1950, and Valdosta State University in 1993). It... is all that remains of Valdosta's street car system. The electric Railroad was built in 1899 in anticipation of the 1900 Georgia State Fair - it used to be held in Valdosta! The Valdosta Railroad company ceased operations in December 1924. The tracks sat unused for nearly 20 years until World War 2, when the tracks were salvaged for the war effort. The street rail company was vital to Valdosta's growth on the North end of town. 
Jay Blanton

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