Saturday, March 25, 2017

"Kinfolk's Corner"

This ghost sign urging everyone to drink Nehi Cola is on the last remaining building of "Kinfolk's Corner" in Columbus. It is located at the intersection of Front Avenue and 10th Street. Kinfolk's Corner was an important gathering place for a diverse segment of the working class citizens of Columbus, and the surrounding communites in West Georgia and East Alabama. Many of the workers in the texti...le mills along the river stopped here each week on payday to buy their groceries and other supplies as well as to socialize along the street before going home. "Progress" claimed all but this last bulding before the historic value of this place was recognized and the corner building was saved.
This sign - "Drink Nehi Cola - The Best Cola Beverage" - has looked down upon this corner when it was busy with working folks and now as the tourists pause to wonder about this old building standing by itself. Info and marker from
Picture taken by Malone Kitchens Moore‎.

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