Monday, May 1, 2017

St Mary's Railroad Workshop

The old St. Mary's Railroad workshop in the background was once the workshop and cornerstone for the original St. Mary's & Kingsland Railroad around 1908. The line was reorganized around 1911 as the Atlantic, Waycross & Northern Railroad.

In 1924, the railroad was once more reorganized, this time into the St. Mary's Railroad which is the name they operate under now. Now, the line... operates, handling cars for the nearby Kings Bay Naval Base and theme-based passenger excursions on the weekends. Some weekends they have the Lehigh Valley Coal Company #126 steam engine in town for additional power and/or *at the throttle* experiences.

Meanwhile, the old workshop was saved from the chopping block and now serves as a local theater with seasonal stage performances open to the public.
Van Byous

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