Friday, June 30, 2017

Old Building in Washington

 Built around 1905, it was originally known as Washington Wholesale Groceries, but at one time was a depot for one of the 3 rail lines that served Washington before the depression.
Andy Sarge

Sharleen Anderson It was last used by Mr. Frank Brooks as a feed store. Across the street is an old building that was Mrs. Perkins' store and next to that was a laundry and later a freezer locker that rented lockers to individuals to store their frozen foods. Kitty corner from Mr. Brooks was the Pet Milk Ice Cream mix plant that my father was assistant manager of. Down the street and behind Pet is a building that used to be a hotel as it was across the street from the depot. I do not remember the hotel being used for that but the others were in 1949 when we moved to town. Lived in the Stoddard Apartments about half a block behind Mr. Brooks store.

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