Sunday, October 8, 2017

Siloam Baptist Church in Greene County

It was originally known as Smyrna Baptist Church when it was organized in 1828. When the town gained enough for a post office in 1870 it was renamed Siloam being there was already a Smyrna. It took until 1905 for the church membership to rename it. The current sanctuary was constructed in 1896.
Andy Sarge

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  1. From the Baptist archives at Mercer University Tarver Library Special Collections: Siloam was constituted 19 December 1828 with a presbytery of Revs. Richard Pace, Joseph Robets, Jonathan Davis, and Vincent Sanford. The summer before White Plains Baptist Church began holding meetings for the reception of members into a new church in the small community of Smyrna. Samuel Wright was selected as first pastor. Some other well-known pastors in the early years include Vincent R. Thornton, John Freeman Hillyer, William D. Cowdry, Benjamin F. Tharpe, Albert Williams, Noah Hill, Joseph I. Loudermilk, Billington M. Sanders (first president of Mercer University), Thomas J. Beck, James Hall Kilpatrick, William A. Overton, John F. Edens, and J. H. Gambrell. Albert Williams and Hart Peek were ordained at Smyrna. Membership grew steadily for the first 100 years though it began to decline thereafter due to the population shift. Original Minutes from church business meetings were microfilmed and are available for research at both the Georgia Department of Archives and the Baptist archives at Mercer University in Macon.