Thursday, July 26, 2018

New Ford Baptist Church in Wilkes County

It was established in 1795 when George Washington was still President. The first church was built in that year. The congregation moved to the present location and the new church was built in 1832. In  that year, it was decided to allow slaves to be members of the church and in 1834 they were allowed their own conference once a month. In 1858, the white members first discussed moving to a new church, The Civil War stopped those plans and almost immediately after the war, it was decided to allow the ex-slaves to have their own worship services. In 1878 as economic conditions improved, the white members decided to move to a new location and constituted Danburg Baptist Church just down the road. The black members voted to stay and were allowed to purchase the church and property it was on and there it stands proud today, still active and supporting the community.
Andy Sarge

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