Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Chennault House in Lincoln County

The original structure is seen here. The addition to the right and additions to the back came much later, This house has some history around it. The family settled the land around 1822 and the second son of Abraham Chennault, who was also Abraham, built the house in 1857. He left the county in 1865 and his younger brother John took over the property. All would end there except for the story of the Confederate Gold. Some of gold, which left the confederate capital in Richmond at the end of the war and ended up in Washington Georgia. From there the Union troops took it under orders to take it to a railhead in South Carolina. The lightly guarded wagons camped for the night on the Chennault property.Late in the evening bandits attacked and stole most of the gold. This occurred on May 24th 1865. In July, a Massachusetts unit under command of an avowed abolitionist General Edwin Wild was looking for the gold and the bandits. He came to the home and ordered and supervised the torture of the men and disrobing of the ladies. He was forced out of the army for this but never charged with a crime. The house has survived but I don't think it is in the family's ownership anymore.
Andy Sarge

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