Sunday, May 5, 2019

Kiokee Baptist Church near Appling

It is the oldest continuous Baptist Congregation in the state having been organized in the colonial back country in 1772 by pioneer Preacher Daniel Marshall. Prior to 1772 it operated as a mission church from Big Stevens Creek Church in South Carolina. The first church was a log church. In 1784 Daniel died and his son Abraham took over. The next year, the Georgia Baptist association was foundd at Kiokee., in 1792, a new church was built near the site of the log church. This church was replaced by the structure you see here in 1808 and it still looks as it originally did. Even though the congregation is on different property, they still retain ownership of this building and still use the property for camp meetings and baptisms.
For a complete history, click on this link.
Andy Sarge

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