Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Looking for McCalls

I know that this is a long shot, but I am going to see if maybe this will catch the right person's eye. My Great Great Great grandparents were from Norman Park in Colquitt County. His names was Charles Henry McCall (b. 1872) and her name was Mary Mattie Davis. She was 1/4 Cherokee. My Great Great Grandfather was Bryant McCall. He ran away after Mary died and moved to Apalachicola where he married and then lived the rest of his life in Florida. Charles Henry McCall remarried Lena. I do not know Lena's maiden name. Bryant had a lot of siblings. They used to hold reunions, and I have a lot of photos of those reunions, but I do not know who all of his siblings are, and I was wondering if someone in the McCall family can tell me if they still have those reunions, or if they might be able to help me identify some of those photos. I am attaching a picture of Henry and Lena and two of their children, John and Berta Lee. I have one other photo of them and all of their children when they are a bit older. Hope that this finds the right person.
Christopher Mark Esing

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