Friday, May 3, 2019

Shields Etheridge Heritage Farm

I think this is the Wheat House at the Shields Etheridge Heritage Farm in Jackson County, The farm was settled by Joseph Shields and his son Patrick in 1798. At one time the farm encompassed over 600 acres with various crops grown. During the Civil War, some of Joseph's grandsons fought for the confederacy and when their father died, three women ran the farm with the ex-slaves for the remainder of the war. When the war was over, the family built a new house and the legend says it was paid for by two bales of cotton hidden from Confederate Tax Collectors and Union Troops.. Joseph Roberts Shield's daughter and her husband Ira Etheridge took over the farm in 1896 and he instituted a sharecoppers program to manage the land and many of the buildings on the property today were built to help the sharecroppers and Ira to manage and run the farm. More info is here.
Andy Sarge

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