Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Former Central of Georgia Railway's Depot in Milledgeville

It was constructed in 1879-1880 as a replacement for the depot damaged by Sherman's troops 15 years earlier. It was taken over by GCSU, renovated and is now a student center for the university.
Andy Sarge

Neat Barn in Laurens County

Charlie Sewell

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Easley Mill Dam Ruins

Located on the banks of the Oconee River at Cedar Shoals. Daniel Easley, who owned the dam, later sold some land on the hill above the river which later became the campus of the University of Georgia.
Matt Brewster

Open House in Laurens County

Charlie Sewell

Haralson United Methodist Church

Haralson United Methodist Church's story begins in Banks County when a man named Caleb Garrison attempted to whip his son Michael. The boy ran away and ended up in Haralson, then known as Lick Skillet. There he married and accumulated a sizable land holding. A few years later his father found and in his frontier spirit, moved to Lick Skillett and later donated two acres for a Methodist church and Garrison Meeting House was established. Then as membership flourished, members wanted to hold a camp on Caleb's property near a spring. When he refused, his son invited the members to hold camp at his own property. It seems old Caleb Garrison was corn brewing on his property and made some whiskey. When the church members asked him to destroy it it got incensed and proceeded to tear down the meeting house and build a barn. Shortly after the pioneer spirit got Caleb again and he moved west. His son stayed behind and helped re-establish the church with a new building on the current property in 1840. The current structure was built in 1890 and the church is quite active today.
Andy Sarge

Being Swallowed in Cherokee County

Charlie Sewell

Abandoned Home in Laurens County

 Charlie Sewell

Closed Business in Laurens County

Charlie Sewell

The Strickland Company

The Strickland Company got it's start in 1840 when an early settler to the Concord area, Isaac Strickland, started a general store. He had seven sons and three daughters. His family operated grew the store and built an agribusiness and real estate empire that eventually owned over 30,000 acres locally. His seven sons built this store in 1907 and over the first part of the 20th century, they dominated the agribusiness in the area as well as the store and a bank. The second floor was the location of the local telephone exchange for awhile. As they years went by the Strickland's business ventures slowly dwindled but the store operated into the 1980's.
Andy Sarge

Old Tobacco Barn In Oconee County

 Paul Bridges

Water Tower

An old water tower stands lonely in a field as ominous clouds look on.
William Shoe

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Old Quarters on Antebellum Cotton Plantation in Wilkes County

Doug Abramson

The McKnight House in Senoia

It was built in 1905 as a wedding present for his daughter Mary and her new husband, C.C. McKnight.
Andy Sarge

Vintage Home in Lexington

Based on the bicycles on the porch, I would say it is occupied.
Charlie Sewell

Neat Barn in Wilkes County

Charlie Sewell

Holy Moly Roof in Rabun County

Charlie Sewell

Livestock Barn in Cherokee County

 Charlie Sewell

Norman Park Home in Colquitt County

Ronald Broome

Barn Trying to Hide Behind the Fence in Cherokee County

Charlie Sewell

Old Building In Banks County

Paul Bridges

Classic Service Station in Eatonton

No more gas pumped at this classic service station in Eatonton.
Andy Sarge

Monday, March 18, 2019

Old Kodak Building

Located off Ponce de Leon Rd. in Atlanta. 
Paul W Peel

Brooks House in Decline

Andy Sarge

Shiloh School in Wheeler County

Founded in the 1920’s and was for 1st - 12th grade. Closed around 1954 and was just an elementary school at the time it closed.
It is very hard to tell by the picture but this school included several buildings. The two buildings that you can see were classrooms. They had originally been joined in the middle by the gymnasium. The gymnasium later collapsed. Near the back of the property is a building that they called the Ag center. It’s my understanding that they trained their students for careers in the agricultural industry. This community is a very large farming area. There is a newer building that is cinder block that they used for their cafeteria in the later years.
Tracy LeCroy

Old Gas Station and Country Store in Troup County

Andy Sarge

Great Setting in Cherokee County

Charlie Sewell

Old Well

Tree starting to bloom over old well in Cherokee County. 3-3-19
Charlie Sewell

Interesting Vintage Home in Cherokee County

Charlie Sewell

Abandoned Plant

Plant that was used to make concrete pipe in Oconee County.
Paul Bridges

Abandoned School in Millwood

I could only wish to see this abandoned school in Millwood in it's prime.
Steven Alexander
Steven's Abandoned Photography

Old Home in Mcduffie County

Aaron N Hope Cobb

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Not Much Left and Rather Large in Banks County

Bill Jones

Horse-Drawn Reapers

Collection of old horse-drawn reapers at Clinton Nature Preserve in Douglas County.
Brian Harlan

My Grandparents Home in Montgomery County

Phillip Humphrey

Something Different

Here's something different: Georgia DOT cut the corner off of this barn because, at over ninety feet from the edge of the traffic lanes, it's over the right of way line. 🙄 In Walton County.
Tom Marney

Old Store In Banks County

Paul Bridges

Holding its Own in Cherokee County

Charlie Sewell

An Abandoned Little Structure in Crisp County

Alice Knipp Garnto

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Abandoned Home

Inhabited by nature now in Forsyth County.
Brent Noble

The First Presbyterian Church of Milledgeville

It was established in 1826 with six charter members when the city was the state capitol. The first building was constructed on Statehouse Square along with the Baptist, Methodist and Episcopal Churches on land provided by the state legislature. After several renovations it was decided a new church was needed and the current structure was dedicated in 1906. The congregation is still quite active today.
Andy Sarge

Old City Jail in Byron

 Now home to the Byron Historical Society.
Jim Gilreath

Old Home in White County

Misty Michelle Kuveikis

Old Log Home in White County

Misty Michelle Kuveikis

Homestead in Fulton County

I struggled to get a decent shot of this sturdy old homestead in Fulton County due to a number of fallen trees. That old porch is standing firm with 3 trees resting on it.
Jason Davis

Old Store In Oconee County

May have been converted to a barn. 
Paul Bridges

The Wilkes County Jail in Washington

It was built in 1891. It used an innovative and experimental heating system and it was added to the National Register of Historic Places on June 5, 1974. It has been a restaurant and a residence.
Charlie Sewell

Being Consumed in Cherokee County l

Charlie Sewel

Close to the Road in Cherokee County

Charlie Sewell

Barely Hanging on in Cherokee County

Charlie Sewell

Old Cabin in Heard County

Andy Sarge