Monday, June 24, 2019

Downtown Lake Park

Lightning strikes over historic downtown Lake Park, Georgia in southern Lowndes County, just off I-75 about 5 miles north of the Georgia-Florida line. The building closest to the camera is the Lake Park Historical Society; they restored the “Ewell Brown” sign you see in the photo- it was Ewell Brown’s general store for many years. I decided to go with Sepia/Black & White because the lighting practically overexposed the shot, so I had to pull the exposure down quite a bit, and with it so dark the Sepia/Black & White seemed to complement it!

Jay Blanton | The Georgia Photography Fanatic

Glover Wholesale in Americus

A food wholesale company founded in 1892 by George Washington Napoleon Bonaparte Glover. Bought by US Foods in 2012 and this location closed.
Debbie Bell

Farm House in Beach Community of Ware County

Built in 1880.
Jon L Clough

Old Mental Hospital in Milledgeville

Gracie Woods

Wooden Courthouse in Tazewell

This two-story, wooden courthouse at Tazewell was constructed in 1848, three years after the previous courthouse burned. It served as the courthouse until 1850 when the county seat was moved to Buena Vista. As a side note the top floor has been in used by the Freemasons for the past 171 years.
John F. Garrett

Old Johnson County Home

This place in Johnson County reminds me of my grandparents home.
Charlie Sewell

The Boswell House in Greensboro

Circa 1902. John T Boswell was a local merchant, farmer, and cotton buyer. The house may now be a small wedding venue.
Andy Sarge

Old Barn in Barrow County

Paul Bridges


This Baldwin County structure sort of looks like a barn/house.
Charlie Sewell

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Huge Old Barn in Meriwether County

Gary Adams

Old House in Darien

Greg Bartush Iv

Classic Older Home in Downtown Smyrna

.Brian Harlan

Bachelors’ Academy

An old schoolhouse in Jackson County.
Built in 1909 by Ira Ethridge. Located near the Shields Ethridge Farm.
Sharon Huber

Old Chimney on Evergreen Church Road in Cook County

I was driving along the ole dirt road... past what I thought was a chimney in the middle of multiple pine trees.
Steven Rentz, abandoned photography

Mauk Schoolhouse in Taylor County

Constructed 1936
John F. Garrett


These 6 silos in Augusta  are at the main entrance into Phinizey Swamp. Phinizy Swamp Nature Park for Water Sciences is a 1,100-acre nature park in Augusta, Georgia. The park contains wetlands and woodlands and has a campus for water research and environmental education, which includes a visitor center. Much of what is now the Phinizy Swamp Nature Park was extensively farmed as well as used for cattle pasture. Gracewood, a state-run mental health institution, operated a beef farm in this area from the 1950’s to 1973 and used patients as farmhands. It was nicknamed the “swamp farm”.
Clyde Allen Van Cise

Old Train Depot in Statham

Circa 1912 
Paul Bridges

A Wet Day in Emanuel County

Charlie Sewell

Saturday, June 22, 2019

John C. Moore Grave Marker

Grave marker of the first mayor of Smyrna, John C. Moore. A former Confederate soldier, he was named mayor in the city's first incorporation document in 1872. Located in Smyrna Memorial Cemetery in Cobb County.
Brian Harlan

Old Bridge at Shoulderbone Creek

1940 GA 16 bridge over Shoulderbone Creek (Hancock County) , next to the mill featured in another recent post. Annoyingly, I didn't get a full-length shot of the entire bridge, but I hope you like it anyway.
Tom Marney

Shrimp Fleet

The shrimp fleet in Darien  is slowly disappearing... making way for condos at the waterfront.
Greg Bartush Iv

Butler Island Plantation in Darien

Greg Bartush Iv

Millmore Mill near Sparta in Hancock County

Circa 1800. Over the years, this mill changed owners several times and was know by at least 3 different names. It is beautiful, but it's hard to get a decent picture as there are telephone lines ( a photographers nightmare) everywhere.
Clyde Allen Van Cise

Out of Fuel in Bartow County

Charlie Sewell

Old Barn in Clarke County

Paul Bridges

Fulton County Home

Found this lovely home on a dirt road in Fulton County.
Charlie Sewell

Closed Business in Burke County

Charlie Sewell

Chandler Building in Zebulon

This old building in Zebulon is known as the Chandler Building. It was built in 1888, but I know nothing of the history. It almost looks like it was once the courthouse or jail but the courthouse was only built 7 years later so that doesn't seem right.
Andy Sarge

A Barn on a Quiet Sunday Afternoon in Franklin County

Andy Sarge

Friday, June 21, 2019

Old Caboose

The Chattahoochee Valley Railway was a shortline railroad linking a number of textile mills between West Point, Georgia and McGinty, Alabama. The railroad ceased operations 9/23/1992
John F. Garrett

Academy Baptist Church in Jackson County

Founded c.1810. The current house of worship was built in 1874-1875 and is the fourth oldest Baptist Church in Jackson County. There is an old spring fed baptismal pool in the woods close to the church,

Paul Bridges

Old Church

Judging by the two front doors, I am guessing that this Jefferson County building was once a church.
Charlie Sewell

Very Cool Victorian in Newnan

Circa 1892.  Known as the Palmer House, I have not found any history on it.
Andy Sarge

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Abandoned Home in Austell

Brian Harlan

Old Barn

Old barn still being used for something in the Morgan County Community of Malcom's Crossroads.
Andy Sarge

Old Saint Theresa's Catholic Church in Albany

Circa 1860.
It is the oldest church building in Albany, and the oldest Catholic Church still in use in Georgia.
John F Garrett

Antebellum Greek Revival Cottage in Greenville

 Circa 1850 
Andy Sarge

Union Chapel United Methodist Church in Putnam County

Paul Bridges

Vintage Home in Evans County

Charlie Sewell

White Oak Methodist Church in Columbia County

It is the oldest Methodist Church in Columbia County having been officially established in 1792. At first they met in a brush arbor but by about 1804 a small log church was built on this site and dedicated by a legend in Georgia Methodism, Francis Asbury. Legend has it the name came from a large White Oak tree that was in front of the church. In 1806 the church was moved about a mile and a half south to be closer to where many of the members lived and it was close to the stage coach road from Augusta. On that site White Oak Campground was established in 1820. There the church and campground thrived until Sherman's foragers came in 1864 looking for food and supplies. Finding the place abandoned, for some reason they decided to torch it and burned the church. After the war, the church was moved back to the current location and the current structure was dedicated in 1870. The section behind the entrance is the original structure and both it and the camground are still active today.
Andy Sarge

White County Structure

On old church building on the side of a road in White County.
Lori Strickland Miles

Admin note: This is actually an old store and not a church. Thanks to Kim Lovell for giving the info.