Saturday, September 23, 2017

Old House in Jasper County

Salvatore Anthony Adornato

Calvary United Methodist Church in Shady Dale

The church was originally founded in the early 1800's and a church was built a couple of miles south at a place called Wynn's Crossing. But a small community known as Shady Dale was growing fast and on the stage coach line. So, in 1857 the church was re-constituted in Shady Dale and land was purchased and the current structure was built in 1859. The church survived the Civil War with little damage and remains in it's original form.
Andy Sarge

Old Gas Pump in Pierce County

Debbie Dean

Old Home or Barn in Franklin County

Slowly collapsing.
Andy Sarge

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Old Barn and Grapevine Arbor in Brantley County

 Debbie Dean

Old Victorian in Fortsonia

Built 1904.
Andy Sarge

The Steele-Cobb House in Dekalb County

It's nestled in the Medlock Park Community. Built in 1855.
Scott Jenkins

Old Barn in Madison County

Andy Sarge

Old DeSoto Hotel in Kingston

Built in 1890
Denise Rich Fitzgerald

The Unitarian Universalist Church in Savannah

Built in 1851. The church was forced to close prior to the Civil War because of it's stand against slavery. After the war, freed slaves bought the church, partially dismantled it and rolled it to it's present location on Troup Square. For the next 80 years it was known as St. Stephen Episcopal Church, the first African Episcopal Church in Georgia. In 1997, the Unitarian's reclaimed the church. The other claim to fame the church has is that the first organist of the church, James Pierpont, composed Jingle Bells.
Andy Sarge

The Royal Theater in Hogansville

Built in 1937. The building currently serves as the Hogansville City Hall.
Paul W Peel

House in Sparta

Circa 1819. Originally a federal style house, the porch was added later. Have not found any history on it.
Andy Sarge

Sunday, September 17, 2017

My Grandparent's First House

Late 30's, early 40's in Coffee County
Trinni McDonald Amiot

Fire Hall Number 2 in Athens

Built in 1902 and still has the fire pole and wrought iron details. Today the Athens Heritage Council has the building and it is the entrance to the Cobbham Historic District.
Andy Sarge

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Old House in Tattnall County

Rachel Lynn McLemore Riser‎

Old Barn in Tattnall County

Rachel Lynn McLemore Riser‎

Abandoned House in Rex

Brian Harlan

Carroll's Methodist Church in Franklin County

Founded in 1797 and named for the William Carroll Family, one of the founding members. The current structure was built around 1835. By 1950, the structure needed some restoration work which was completed about 1953.
Andy Sarge

Old Store and Coke Ad in Camak

Mary Lee Cochran

Old Vault from the Bank of Roopville in Carroll County

Now used as storage for the Roopville Historical Society.
Beth MacHarg Brown‎

Old Barn

Old barn set back into the tree line in Franklin County.
Andy Sarge

Ruins in Gwinnett County

Ruins of the old Tribble Mill in Tribble Mill Park.
Laura Mitchell

The Applewhite-Ginn House in Millen

Built for Joseph Applewhite in 1906. Later it was the home for Bo Ginn, First District US Congressman in the 70's who also ran for Governor in 1982.
Andy Sarge

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Marlow United Methodist Church

 It was organized in 1884 and a property chosen but the structure was not built until 1905.
Andy Sarge

Old Meeting House and Store in Newton County

Pre War Between the States. Located on private property.
Ricky Underwood

The Boat House in Madison

Built in 1850, it has been a schoolhouse and a bnb. It's claim to fame however is it was the childhood home of Ellen Axson, who became Ellen Wilson and was Woodrow Wilson's first First Lady.
Andy Sarge

Tybee Island Lighthouse

Tybee Island Light is a lighthouse next to the Savannah River entrance, on the northeast end of Tybee Island. It is one of seven surviving colonial era lighthouse towers, though highly modified in the mid 1800s. This is the 4th tower in that spot. You can google it to find the in depth history of this beautiful landmark.
Shelia Scott

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Avery Sports Turf Building in Rome

Randy Clegg

Old Farmhouse in Warren County

Andy Sarge

Habersham Mills in Habersham County

This is the old Post Office and General Store in Habersham Mills. It was built around 1910 to serve the workers in the mill. It has been restored and is now a small BnB
Andy Sarge

Ranger in Gordon County

Took this outside of Ranger in Gordon County.
Don't know any details but thought it was beautiful.
Kristen Hogan Smith

Barn in Barrow County

Andy Sarge

Washington in Wilkes County

 Circa 1925. Looks like a cross between prairie and mission style architecture.
Andy Sarge

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is bearing down on Florida and parts of Georgia are already impacted. There is no doubt this storm will have an impact on most if not all of the of our state. Please stay safe and alert to rapidly deteriorating conditions. We are all in this together so check on neighbors and don't forget pets, be patient and courteous.
Here is the GEMA website which will have a list of shelters.


Found these old newspapers dated from 1956 inside the old barn on a piece of property I bought.
Stephen Lamphier

Bethany Baptist in Chipley

Members of Bethany Baptist in rural Harris County voted to build a new church in the town of Chipley. The church was dedicated in 1887. In April 1908, the town was devastated by a tornado and the church was destroyed. The town was renamed Pine Mountain and the church was rebuilt. The present First Baptist Church of Pine Mountain was dedicated in 1910. Still going strong 107 years later.
Andy Sarge

Starrsville UMC on Dixie Rd in Newton County

It was initially founded about 1821. The existing brick church was built about 1901.
Lamar Smith