Thursday, November 29, 2018

Old Store Maybe?

Located in Toombs County
Tommy-Dana Cornett


Unused farmhouse sweats the summer away in Hancock County.
Andy Sarge

An Abandoned Beauty in Sparta

So sad to see.
Bill Jones

Old Barn in Rabun County

Andy Sarge

Old Building at Porterdale Mill In Newton County.

Paul Bridges

The Hand Building in Pelham with Christmas Lights

James Leon Hudgens

Howell in Echols County

If you happen to drive down Georgia Highway 135 in South Central Georgia into rural Echols county, you'll be driving through one of the largest counties with the least amount of people in the entire state of Georgia- there are a little over 4,000 people in this county of 421 square miles, and it's 96% pine forest!

As you drive by the countless pine trees, you will eventually see a few "reduced speed ahead" signs, where you will then pass through a very small unincorporated community by the name of Howell. As you cross the Norfolk Southern Railroad that moves freight between Valdosta & Jacksonville, you'll notice this building next to the railroad commanding your attention as you drive by.

I couldn't find much information on this structure, but it has been abandoned for many years now. It once served the small rural community of Howell with a small general store on the bottom floor that several families worked together to operate. The upstairs was used by the Masons as their lodge!

Jay Blanton | The Georgia Photography Fanatic

Corinth Baptist Church in Heard County

 I have found very little on this church other than the fact that is was established in the mid-1840's very near it's current location and moved here prior to the Civil War. The current structure is the middle section of theis church and was built around 1870. The front entrance and was added sometime after 1920. The rear of the church was added more recently.
Andy Sarge

Neat Barn in Cherokee County

Charlie Sewell

Old Porterdale Textile Mill

Opening in 1899 the Porterdale Mill prospered into the 1960s, becoming the world’s largest producer of twine. The mill closed in the early 1970s. In 2006, the Mill was transformed into loft-style apartments. 
Paul Bridges

Long Unused House in Heard County

Now being harvested for it's old wood and windows.
Andy Sarge

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Neat Barn in Forsyth County

Charlie Sewell

The Chennault House in Lincoln County

The original structure is seen here. The addition to the right and additions to the back came much later, This house has some history around it. The family settled the land around 1822 and the second son of Abraham Chennault, who was also Abraham, built the house in 1857. He left the county in 1865 and his younger brother John took over the property. All would end there except for the story of the Confederate Gold. Some of gold, which left the confederate capital in Richmond at the end of the war and ended up in Washington Georgia. From there the Union troops took it under orders to take it to a railhead in South Carolina. The lightly guarded wagons camped for the night on the Chennault property.Late in the evening bandits attacked and stole most of the gold. This occurred on May 24th 1865. In July, a Massachusetts unit under command of an avowed abolitionist General Edwin Wild was looking for the gold and the bandits. He came to the home and ordered and supervised the torture of the men and disrobing of the ladies. He was forced out of the army for this but never charged with a crime. The house has survived but I don't think it is in the family's ownership anymore.
Andy Sarge

Very Experienced Home in Gwinnett County

Charlie Sewell
Charlie called the home "experienced" because someone complained that we over use the word "old".

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Old Closed Grocery Store in Comer

 Andy Sarge

Bridge Remains

Chattooga County - Remains of where bridge crossed Storey Mill Creek for the Rome & Northern Railroad that carried iron ore from Gore to Rome. Railroad was abandoned in 1923.
Nancy Bishop

The Second Old Greene County Jail

It was also the Sheriff's office and Sheriff's residence in Greensboro. It was built in 1895 and later named after well local legend Sheriff L.L. Wyatt who served as Sheriff from 1925-1977.
Andy Sarge

Barns in Carroll County

.Beth MacHarg Brown

Old Building in Lumpkin County

Rudy Vickery

Classic Service Station Design in Lexington

Andy Sarge

Old Barn in Fulton County

Charlie Sewell

Old Train Depot In Athens

 It was built in 1891 for the Georgia, Carolina & Northern Railway (later Seaboard Air Line Railway), It is still in railroad use, by CSX train crews. 
Paul Bridges

Monday, November 26, 2018

The Old Southeastern Livestock Auction Barn in Quitman

 Wayne Hannah

Old Athens Cotton and Wool Factory

Mills have occupied this historic site since 1829, with previous wood-frame structures destroyed by fires in 1834 and again in 1857. The current facility consists of two, three-story brick buildings joined together in an L-shape and constructed in 1857-58. The Athens Factory closed in 1926. In 1977, a new owner renovated the buildings into the Old Mill Center, including O’Malley’s Tavern, a popular gathering spot through the 1980s with its deck overlooking the river. It has also been used by Dial America, an I think I remember a gym being in it also. The University of Georgia purchased the historic Athens Factory in 2008 for its medical teaching facility, it is now used as The University of Georgia School of Social Work.
Part of the information form:
Paul Bridges

Christmas in Moultrie Court House

Marian Phillips

Tobacco Barn in Douglas

 Teri Quan Grossman

Long Forgotten Home in Fulton County

Charlie Sewell

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Old Log Cabin in White County

Rudy Vickery

Tobacco Barn in Thomasville

Debra Gordon

Old Well

Old well on an empty lot beside the Racetrack gas station on the Hwy 20/Marietta Hwy intersection in Canton 
Rebecca Brunson Fabian

Old Farmhouse in Banks County

 The original part of the house dates back to 1900, a rear addition was added about 1930.
Andy Sarge

Old Store/Gas Station

This building was once a family owned corner store/gas station. Today it is a restaurant according to a friend and to another it is closed down. It is located in Cotton in Mitchell County.
William Shoe

The National Bank of Monroe Building in Monroe

Built in 1920, it is now the home of UGA's extension service for Walton County.
Andy Sarge

Old School in Canton

If my research is correct, this was the Canton Grammar School on Academy Street built in 1914. It is being re-purposed by the City of Canton.
Charlie Sewell

Johnson United Methodist Church in Oconee County

It was established in 1886, but it's pedigree goes back to 1863 when it was established as Bailey's Chapel a few miles away. Later, the name of the church was changed to Tigner's Chapel. In 1886, that church was discontinued and the members founded a new church on land sold to them by Mr. J.C. Johnson. The new church was dedicated in 1890 and the original building still stands although it has been renovated.
Andy Sarge

Webster County Courthouse

Constructed in 1915.The courthouse is two stories and made of red brick. The white cupola atop the building was added after the attack on Pearl Harbor and local civil defense volunteers stood watch on the cupola every day until the war's end.
John Garrett

Barn in Northern Hall County

Andy Sarge

Old Mill on Railroad St in Cherokee County

Charlie Sewell

Old Home Place in Lumpkin County

Closed up tight. I would love to see what's inside this one.
Rudy Vickery

Wright’s Mill Outside of Milton in Cherokee County

Jennifer Roose

Abandoned Little House/Barn in Alma

Teri Quan Grossman

Re-Purposed Old Building in Gwinnett County

Charlie Sewell

Wilson Junior High School In Jackson County

 Built in 1936, now used by Berea Baptist Church as a community center.
 Paul Bridges

Two Chimneys from an Old Home Place In Jackson County

Paul Bridges

Old Water Tower in Blackshear

Teri Quan Grossman

Old House in Lumpkin County

I wonder why only 1 chimney.
Rudy Vickery

Old Jail in Blackshear

 Teri Quan Grossman

Old House in Siloam

Circa 1900
Andy Sarge

An 1800s Mill House Remodeled in Fulton County

Charlie Sewell

Old Home Converted to a Business in Gwinnett County

Charlie Sewell