Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Old Bank and Clothing Store in Blythe

Emilee Williams Miller

Old Store Front in Blythe

Emilee Williams Miller
Blythe is located approx. 20 miles southwest of Augusta

The Clock Tower of the Newton County Courthouse in Covington

Emilee Williams Miller

Courthouse was completed in 1884.
This courthouse was repeatedly shown in the television show In the Heat of the Night....

Old Structure in Morgan County

Emilee Williams Miller

Old House in Richmond County

Emilee Williams Miller

Old Store in Hall County

Andy Sarge

Dixie King Seed House Number 3 in Bostwick

Andy Sarge

The Town Terrace Motel in Tifton

One of the original owners was a child actress in the "Little Rascals" movies. Great throw back to mid century architecture and it still is open for business.
http://www.tiftongazette.com/archives/preserving-the-pink-motel/article_54b54acb-6310-537f-abda-b82e25eda812.htmlMary Ann Hedrick Cox

Georgia Man MIA Returns Home after 67 Years

After 67 years as an MIA, my uncle & namesake, Leslie Royal "Leroy" Sutton, returned from North Korea to his native South Georgia. My father, Bill Sutton, and my Aunts Elizabeth & Jeannette began this journey several years ago to actively seek out my uncle as a promise to my Grandmother Gertrude Harris Sutton. My father's DNA helped to eventually make the final determination after my sister Franc...es Gattis & my cousins Vivian White & Lorraine Crawford also donated DNA to help narrow down the possibilities.
Now a great hole in the heart of the Sutton family is closed as we laid him to rest with full military honors in his hometown of Rochelle - a few miles south of Macon. My sister and cousins met the plane in Atlanta & followed in a huge motorcade of Freedom Riders on motorcycles, military escorts as well as law enforcement from every city & county along the way. People waited for them on overpasses waving flags & welcoming him home one last time.
The Sutton family has a long history of serving our country even before there was a USA, including those who served in the Revolutionary & Civil Wars & almost every conflict since then. My father, who went missing in action & became a POW in WWII, never lost hope that his baby brother would one day be found. I only wish he was here today to see his & his mother's wish come true. I know my aunts & uncles (his brothers & sisters) who preceded him in heaven are welcoming him home there as well.
As his only namesake, Leslie Royal Sutton, I also never gave up hope that my uncle Leroy would come home, and I pray that one day one of my cousins or nieces & nephews will honor him & his
memory with his name as my parents did me. This kept his memory burning inside me for all these years. I can never live up to the honor & sacrifice that father & my uncle made for us and our country. I can only stand in awe & thank America's greatest generation for making it possible for me & all of the rest of us Baby Boomers to be here on this earth today. God bless everyone who made this day happen for the Suttons & all of those who were able to share this precious moment with us.
Roy Sutton

Monday, June 26, 2017

Tallulah Falls Railroad Depot

It now holds a model railroad shop and woodworking business. The Tallulah Falls Railroad ran between Cornelia, GA, and Franklin, NC, 1854-1961, Back in the day Tallulah Falls was a tourist destination with 17 hotels and boarding houses.
Susan Poole

Old Store in Elbert County

Old store with a single gas pump waiting for a customer that will never come.
Andy Sarge

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Barn Structure in Tattnall County

Ali Taylor

Bulloch Packing Company

Abandoned meat packing plant in Bulloch County
Ali Taylor

Probably the Bulloch Packing Company in Statesboro?

Prospect United Methodist Church near Norwood

The church was established around 1845. The present structure was built about 1880.
Andy Sarge

"The Harville House"

Information from the Bolluch County Historical Society. Samuel Winkler Harville purchased this 754-acre farm in 1862. Born on December 17, 1826, Harville was one of the two delegates Bulloch County sent to the 1861 Secession Convention in Milledgeville. He voted for Georgia to secede from the Union. Samuel’s son, Keebler Henry Harville, purchased the property and built the Harville House as a one-story house around 1894. The second story was added te...n years later resulting in a total of 14 rooms to accommodate a growing family. The vernacular architectural features of the house were inspired by a dream of Keebler Harville. The lumber used was cut and sawn from timber grown on the farm. By the time of Keebler’s death in 1946, the farm had grown to 2800 acres. More than just a landmark, the farm was self-sustaining for 10 families. It included a grist mill, saw mill, cotton gin, two story smoke-house, ice house, syrup house and a commissary. Keebler was the first in Bulloch County to sell peanuts commercially and picked peanuts commercially for other farmers from Blitchton to Claxton. He purchased the first corn snapper in the county. Harville Cemetery is located 1/4 mile west of the house.
Ali Taylor

McDonough in Henry County

Granddaddy (Fred Glass) built this batten before he built the family home in the early 1900's. It's been repaired over the years. I remember Granddaddy milking the cows in this barn. The lumber came from his property. He sawed it himself.
I live in the home place.
Marianna Rowan Brown

Maynard Jackson Monument at Oakland Cemetery

This is the new Maynard Jackson monument at Oakland Cemetery in Fulton County that was unveiled yesterday. Now that his image is on the front of the monument, he can always look over the city he loved so much.
Cynthia Jennings
He served 3 terms as mayor of Atlanta. He is notable for public works projects, primarily the new Maynard H. Jackson International terminal at the Atlanta airport, and for greatly increasing minority business participation in the city. After his death, the Atlanta Hartsfield airport was re-named the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to honor his service to the expansion of the airport, the city and its people


A caboose from the Tallulah Falls Railroad is undergoing restoration in Rabun County. The railroad operated between Cornelia, Ga., and Franklin, N.C., Jan. 27, 1854 to Mar. 25, 1961.
Susan Poole

Angel of Barnett Methodist Church in Warren County

Circa 1876
Jane K Ashley

Marye Lulu Battle...
The Angel of Barnett
Here lies Marye Lulu Battle. She was the daughter of one of the wealthiest men in Warren County, who also donated the land for the church and the cemetery. Marye Lulu was the daughter of Lawrence Sr. and died at the age of 35. We are told her hand carved marble angel was imported from Italy. We think it is one of the most impressive headstones in all of Georgia. Marye Lulu was obviously much loved and sorely missed – what a tribute to her! http://hrcga.org/barnett-methodist-6-2/

Antioch Baptist Church in Taliaferro County

Circa 1899
Jane K Ashley

Powellton Methodist Church in Hancock County

Circa 1795
Jane K Ashley

Wrightsboro Methodist Church in McDuffie County

Circa 1773. http://hrcga.org/wrightsboro-methodist-mcduffie-3/
Jane K Ashley

The Clock Tower in Rome

Built in 1872 as a water tank that held 250K gallons of water, it's now a museum and a wonderful landmark. I had not been to Rome in 30+ years. The town has been reborn.
Jim Williamson
The Clock Tower is one of the oldest landmarks in Rome and is on top of Neely Hill (one of Rome's seven hills).

Old Barn

Down a country driveway in Walton County
Andy Sarge

Old House in North High Shoals

Circa 1900
Andy Sarge

Pound Hall

Named after Dr. Jere M. Pound, the second President of Valdosta State University. Constructed in 1926 and renovated in 1992, it now serves as a place for offices and general use classrooms.
Ryan Adams

Friday, June 23, 2017

" The Twin's House" in Calhoun

So called because a twin in the family had the house built. The original house was built in the 1850's and brought by the Mathew's family in 1958. At that time, it was turned to face Line St. and was expanded. It was rumored to have been used by Sherman ( I am starting to think that Sherman is Ga.'s Washington Slept Here)
Jim Williamson

United Methodist Church in Rome

Church was established approx. 1840. This sanctuary was built in1884 in celebration of the centennial of Methodist in America. Love the bell tower built caddy corner.
Jim Williamson

Williams Seafood Restaurant

I have always loved these vintage road side marquis, wish the photo was better. On US 80 leading into Tybee Island. Williams Seafood Restaurant opened in the early 50's and burned in early 2000.
Lori Bomer

Tybee Island Lighthouse

The current Tybee Island Lighthouse was originally built in 1773 replacing 2 Day-Mark's(Lighthouse's without the light) built in 1736 and 1741. It was also built as a Day Mark in 1791. During the Civil War, retreating destroyed the top 40 feet of the lighthouse and it was rebuilt immediately after the war into what you see today. 
Andy Sarge

Oconee Baptist Church in Jackson County

Established 1788.
Brittany Fox

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Henry Lands Grocery in Irwin County

Elaine Patterson

Syrup Furnace at Jarrel Plantation in Juliette

Jeremy N Kayla

Jarrell Plantation in Juliette

Located in the red clay hills of the Georgia Piedmont and is one of the best preserved middle class plantations. Jarrell family farmed the 660 acres of land for over 140 years with labor of 39 slaves. Added to National Register of Historic Places in 1973. Cotton gin, food crops, syrup production, bee boxes for honey. beeswax for candle making, plus so much more. One of the structures on site built in 1847 with another in 1895. Land and structures were donated to the Register by the Jarrell family for preservation.
Jeremy N Kayla

The James Valentine Drake Home in Philomath

Circa 1845. The Drake Family owned several plantations across the south but this is one of the last original homes left.
Andy Sarge


All that is left of an old stamp mill in Dahlonega
Shonna Hatfield Airington.

Washington County

Old farmhouse that is no longer lived in.
Andy Sarge

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Academy Food Store/Soda Shop

 Across from Glynn Academy in Brunswick.
Stephen Briggs

Lincoln County Courthouse in Lincolnton

Built in 1915
Brenda Holder

Pine Mountain United Methodist Church

The congregation goes back to about 1882 but this church was constructed about 1930.
Andy Sarge

Old Victorian in Sharon

Constructed about 1895.
Andy Sarge

Juliette Mill on the Ocmulgee River in Juliette

 I know nothing about it but I'm sure it has a lot of history and looks really old.
Jeremy N Kayla

Fried Green Tomatoes Whistle Stop Cafe in Juliette

Jeremy N Kayla

Monroe County

Old Monroe County Sheriff's office and court house, located in Juliette
Jeremy N Kayla