Friday, June 22, 2018

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Old Barn in Tate

Gaylon Mathews

Beautiful Well Cared for Barn in Wayne County

Sarah Lane Thornton

Old Farmhouse in Hart County

 Andy Sarge

Nichols in Coffee County

Teri Quan Grossman

The Old Coast Guard Station on St. Simons Island

Built in 1936 by the WPA. My grandfather was one of the first to be stationed there. He was originally from North Carolina, but met my grandmother there on the island. During the war, he served on a DE (Destroyer Escort). I have a picture of him standing in front of the station in comments.
Michael Huggins

Old Barn in Heard County

 Andy Sarge


This abandoned house in Fulton County looks pretty modern, but I don't know anything about it.
Charlie Sewell

Atlanta Federal Penitentiary

Built in 1902 the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary may not forgotten, but it is definitely an amazing piece of old architecture in Fulton County. It's way more amazing to look at in person and see how old it is and how well it has stood up. This is the best shot I could get.
Paul W. Peel

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Cloudy Morning in Hancock County

Leland Kent

Acworth Christian Church

Acworth Christian Church was established in 1858 as Mt Zion Church of Christ. The current structure was built sometime around the turn of the 20th Century after fires had destroyed 2 previous structures. I do not have information on when the name was changed to Acworth Christian Church.
Andy Sarge

Family Homestead Since 1949 in Cobb County

Bill Coker

Victorian in Guyton

Circa 1886 
Andy Sarge

An Old Abandoned House in Heard County

Charlie Sewell

Central Ave Barber Shop in Valdosta

I got haircuts here from when I was a little boy, until the barber, Clayton Morgan retired and closed the shop . I'm not sure of the year but it was in the mid 1990's. I've lived in N.E. Arkansas for 8 years now. My friend sent this picture to me today. I hope it's allowed.
Heath McFerrin

The J H Beacham House in Dublin

Circa 1906. Mr, Beacham was a local business man who owned a Velvet Bean Mill and was an office at Dublin Brick and Lumber Company. In the early 60's it was a Secretary and Stenographers School and then Nancy Taylor Charm and Finishing School.
Andy Sarge

Sharecropper Cabin

Remains of a sharecropper cabin on our property, once part of Nolan Cotton Plantation in Morgan County. Amazing the stories it could tell!
‎Laine Hood

Monday, June 18, 2018

Mr Swiss in Cumming

Looks like this place has been around since the 1960s. Not sure what year it closed.
Michael Huggins

Rabun County Cabin

To correct my previous error, this is a cabin in Plum Orchard, Rabun County. Its about 4-5 miles from the nearest intersection. As I said before there was once a school here since all the schools had to be within walking distance of the students. The valley ends at Plum Orchard Gap on the Appalachian Trail. I have no date on its construction, but since it is made of logs it probably predates 1870. Among the original settlers were the Addis and Rodgers families.
Mike Maffett

Old Farmhouse in Heard County

Andy Sarge

The Ruins of Pomegranate Hall in Hancock County

More photos and history at the link.
Leland Kent

The St. Simons Lighthouse in Glynn County

The Lighthouse and Keeper’s Dwelling were built in 1872 to replace the original lighthouse built in 1810 by James Gould of Massachusetts, the first lighthouse keeper. The original lighthouse was destroyed by Confederate forces in 1861 to prevent the beacon’s use by Federal troops during the Civil War. The Lighthouse is one of only five surviving light towers in Georgia. The Lighthouse still serves as an active aid to navigation for ships entering St. Simons Sound, casting its beam as far as 23 miles to sea.…/st-simons-lighthouse-mus…/183/
Angie Bryant Rivers

J.C. Strother's Hardware

A fixture on St. Simon's Island since 1930 or so. Besides everything hardware, also everything you need if visiting the beach - fishing gear, cooking pots, and free tide tables. Love these friendly guys.
David C. Johnson

Old Store in Liberty County

Andy Sarge

An Old Chimney Still Standing in Heard County

Charlie Sewell

Unique Old Barn in Blackshear

Teri Quan Grossman

On an Old Mountain Road in Pickens County

Gaylon Mathews

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Old House in Jones County

Joshua Penfield

The Walters House in Gainesville

Circa 1909. Later Felix Jackson lived here. He designed Gainesville's first skyscraper.
Andy Sarge

Well Used Home in Heard County

Charlie Sewell

The Old Mill in Acworth

It was built in 1870 by John Cowan using money he made in a gold rush in Montana. Originally a flour mill it was also a textile and tapestry mill in it's previous life. Brought back from a fire in 1992 it's now a restaurant
Andy Sarge

Barn in Houston County

A cute little red barn with an old gas pump out front. 
Ashleigh Deakin

Old House in Jones County

Joshua Penfield

Hartwell Methodist Episcopal Church

It was incorporated in 1854, the same year the county was established and 2 years before Hartwell was incorporated. Originally a site at the intersection of Howell and Carter Streets was set aside to construct the sanctuary, but in 1859 they sold that property and built a church at the present location. It was a small white frame building with large windows and remained the only sanctuary in the city until after the Civil War. Other denominations used the building also and the Methodist Church remained on a circuit with several other Methodist churches in the county. It was remodeled in 1881. As the city grew so did the congregation and in 1897 the old building was sold at auction and dismantled and the current sanctuary constructed. The Hartwell Railroad built a siding to bring next to the property to bring in brick, granite and other building supplies. The church is VERY active in the community to this day. 
Andy Sarge

Abandoned House in Cherokee County

Charlie Sewell

Old Barn in Jackson County

Not in use but still standing proud.
Andy Sarge

Friday, June 15, 2018

Old Shed in Fulton County

Charlie Sewell

Plantation House in Oglethorpe County

The James Monroe Smith Plantation house in the community of Smithonia on a Saturday night. Built in 1888 and recently restored.
Andy Sarge

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Well Loved 1883 Farmhouse Flying the Flag in Jackson County.

Andy Sarge

The Thomas County Courthouse in Downtown Thomasville

Built back in 1858, It was designed by a local architect who moved to Southwest Georgia from England named John Wind. John also worked as an inventor, jeweler, master mechanic and surveyor- but was most well known for his skills as an architect, designing many other buildings in Thomas County & neighboring Brooks County's Courthouse! 
Jay Blanton

My Old House in the Penia Community of Crisp County!!

Built in 1880!! Just rent it but love it!!
Elaine Patterson

Old Truck and Farm Equipment

Old Dodge Truck and some type of farm equipment in Fulton County.
Charlie Sewell