Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Old Church

This used to be High Shoals Baptist Church, circa 1900. It's now a retreat or something.
Andy Sarge

Corinth Baptist Church in Lumpkin County

The church was moved to its current location in 1934, and had fallen silent in the 1980's. It contains 57 inscribed graves with dates from the late 1800's; as well as many unmarked headstones possibly from gold miners in the Dahlonega area.
Heather Diehl

Old Store in Glade

Andy Sarge

Monday, November 20, 2017

Old Greene County Farmhouse

With it's own lookouts.
Andy Sarge

Filming of "Heaven's Fall"

In front of the little house at Rock Spring in Walker County.
This little house was built about 1902, around the same year the house that Phyllis and I live in was built. It was an office for Dr. Lawrence who also had an office in Menlo. After that is was rented through the years to different folks. It wasn't a post office or depot. The post office was across the street in Jack Bowman's store and the depot was just south of my yard on the west side of the road.
My little house was in the movie, Heaven's Fall, which came out in 2005. They filmed here in October 2004. The movie is a sad but true story about the Scottsboro Boys. You can google it. My little house is Paint Rock, Alabama where the posse stopped the train to arrest the 9 and transport them to Montgomery. The photos show the posse waiting on the train, the film crew, Phyllis and Megan, me and my co-stars, Elijah Kelley, Anthony Mackie, and B J Britt, and others. Megan got her hair done by a Hollywood hairdresser up at wardrobe at the Civic Center!
Rick Potts

Old Store in Raytown

Andy Sarge

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Smallest Church in America

Bryon Terry
This is the new church that has been built after the old church burned. This link tells about the rebuilding as well as the location of the church at the end of the article.

Clark's Station Baptist Church

It was constituted in 1788 along Clark's Creek in Wilkes County by 2 patriot's. It was at this log church in in 1821 that a meeting was held that resulted in a resolution that set in motion the creation of the Georgia Baptist Convention. In 1850 the church moved to the current location and this church was constructed at that time It was remodeled in 1944 but retains much of it's original structure.
Andy Sarge

The Ritz Theater in Thomaston

James Mathews

Opened in 1927 and celebrated it's 90th birthday in August. Owner Malcolm Neal and his wife purchased the theater in 1997 and have been renovating it. Not sure what progress has been made but the theater is open for business. 

Old Filling Station and Store in Oconee County

Andy Sarge

The Glynn Ice Company

Very nice brickwork on this old ice factory in Glynn County.
John Mnieckowski

Old Homestead in Banks County

Andy Sarge

Thursday, November 16, 2017

An Old Shed in Ware County

Donna Pierce Meeks

The Napier-Reid-Rainey House in Eatonton

 t began life as the Eagle Tavern in1818. It was bought in 1820 at then in 1830 bought by the Reid Brothers at a Sheriff's Sale and operated as a hotel. Andrew Reid was the sole owner by 1846 and he converted it to the Greek Revival you see today.
Andy Sarge

Old Methodist Church in Winder

Church was built in 1904 and burned in July of 2012.
Randy Wells

Old House in Jewell

Now a gift and antique store.
Andy Sarge

Dawson Pharmacy

Randy Clegg

Old Chimney

From a long gone homestead in Hall County
Andy Sarge

Old Fire Truck

Former City of Greensboro Ford F750 Fire Truck in Penfield
Andy Sarge

A Remnant of What Once Was...

Depression era "Cotton Shed" on the Clayton Adams' Farm in Satilla Likely used until the early 1980's. Like any old pack house, it's had numerous purposes.
Turtleman Chris Adams

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Old Store

This store was run by Earl and Agnes Rogers and their kids Jimmy, Robert & Louise in Jefferson County
Richard Rogers

Old Country Store

This old country store/station in Matthews was ran by George & Virginia Rabun. Long deceased. I took this photo 5 yrs ago.
Tammy Huff Barbour

Old Home in Coweta County

Would have loved to have gotten a closer shot but it was posted and I took the picture from the road.
Alice Knipp Garnto

Rabun County House

This old building is barely located in Rabun County. I was hoping I could get better pictures but it was posted. It looks big enough that it could have been a lodge or maybe a store or both.
William Thomas Dailey

Old House in Elbert County

Part missing and slowly crumbling. 
Andy Sarge

1890 Victorian in Guyton

Andy Sarge

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Smoke Stack

Smoke stack for the Holland steam plant at Georgia Tech,
Circa 1917
Dan Homiller

Old Milll Ruins

Located along Bear Creek in Cochran Mill Park 
Brian Harlan

Culverton Methodist Church

The congregation goes back to 1881 when it was known as John Turner Memorial Church. The church was built in 1911.
Andy Sarge

Rockdale Plantation

Located just north of Fairmount in Gordon County. The original building was constructed in 1785 by George Washington Adair, a Cherokee. The painstaking, decades-long restoration is a joy to behold.
Mike Maffett

Old Long Abandoned Cabin in Godfrey

Andy Sarge