Sunday, October 22, 2017

Auchumpkee Creek Covered Bridge

It sits near Culloden in Upson County. Originally built in 1892, it was restored to it's current condition in 1985 and appears to have seen the interior recently touched up with fresh paint.
Van Byous
Because this bridge has been posted so frequently, we won't be accepting any more pictures until October 2018. It has been almost one year since the last post so I'm accepting it this time.

Old Building in Starrsville

This building is located in historical Starrsville in Newton County. You can barely see "Produce Market" painted on the front. Starrsville was founded by the Starr and Epps families in 1821, and when The Central of Georgia Railway arrived in 1890, the area changed to New Starrsville.
Robyn Cook

Meigs in Mitchell County

Once was a beautiful home but nature has just about taken it over.
Brantley Jackson

Still Standing

The house is long gone and the chimney is all that's left.
Andy Sarge

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Etowah Iron Works

Remaining foundation from one of the plants that comprised the Etowah Iron Works. This site is most famous for Cooper's Furnace, but included plants to produce iron pots and pans, nails, and what was considered one of the best cannon making plants in the Confederate States. Located in Lake Allatoona Day Use Area.
Brian Harlan

Sweetwater Creek State Park

This old chimney is all that's left of what was presumably an old homestead just outside the current boundary of Sweetwater Creek State Park.
Brian Harlan

Bowman in Elbert County

Randy Clegg

Beautiful Old Home

This house, and its outbuildings, are so neat. It is such a beautiful home. No one lives there (I don't think), but the yard has been cleaned up since I first saw it a few years ago.
Randy Clegg

Shoals Primitive Baptist Church in Warren County

The building was built in 1918. No information on it's history has been found.
Andy Sarge

Old House or Store in Hart County

Andy Sarge

Old Gas Station and Store

Located on highway 19 in northern Lumpkin County.
Paul Lycett

Downtown Buildings in Tennille

Very quiet place on a Sunday.
Andy Sarge

The Zebulon Movie Palace in Cairo

 Built in 1935 but opened in 1936.
James Leon Hudgins

The Cherry Cottage in Washington

So named for the cherry trees that used to be on the property and still may be. There is no record of it's exact date of construction but the lot was bought in 1784 by Constantine Church. Several sources place it as extant in 1819 so it is at least that old, making it one of the oldest existing structures in the county. The house has been for sale for quite awhile now and the Georgia Trust has placed it on their endangered structure list.
Andy Sarge

Estatoah Hydroelectric Generating Station

Rated at 240 kW output, this is the smallest generating unit is the Ga. Power Co. system. The single turbine plant sits at the base of Estatoah Falls on the creek. The falls is on private property and the plant is at the end of a hard to find road just outside the fenceline of the private property. Located outside of Sky Valley and Mountain City in Rabun County.
Lamar Smith

The Historic Green Manor Restaurant in Union City

Once a plantation home built in the early 1800s. (Fulton County)
Tim Kelley

The Ministry and Leadership Center at Toccoa Falls College

According to somebody who worked the there, the building was a college prep school built in the late 1920's.
Andy Sarge

Old Log Fort

1792 log fort at Fort Yargo State Park in Winder. A great park close to Atlanta with a wonderful lake and mountain biking trails that can be challenging.
Lamar Smith

Old Bridge in Morgan County

Located at the end of Lower Apalachee Road between Apalachee and Madison. The date of the bridge is unknown, but due to the age and condition the bridge and road are blocked. Only way to continue on Lower Apalachee Road is on foot.
Jay Cabral

Liberty Methodist Church in Greene County

It is one of the older churches in the colonial back country of Georgia. Founded in 1786 it was known as Liberty Chapel in it's early days. Originally the members met in a brush arbor very close to the current location. The first church was built in 1797 and replaced by a larger building in 1805. That building was replaced by the present building in 1900. The reason the church was named Liberty is because so many of it's original members were members of the Son's of Liberty and/or Revolutionary War Veterans.
Andy Sarge

The Lavonia Cannery

It was established as a private enterprise for summer gardeners to put up their vegetables. In 1941 it was donated to the school board and is now owned by the city. Much of the original equipment is almost 100 years old and is still being used. Freezer lockers were also available for rent for meats and produce.
Susan Poole

Ward's Chapel AME in Putnam County

I'm unsure of the constitution date but this was the childhood church of famous "The Color Purple" author Alice Walker. Many of her relatives are buried in the cemetery across the street.
Robert J Nix

Beautiful Old Home in Seville

Elaine Patterson

Old School in Seville

Elaine Patterson

Little Pink Victorian in Newborn

 Circa 1897
Andy Sarge

Old Farmhouse Near Jersey

Complete with the cat and ivy capped chimneys. I wonder if any of the cat's staff is around.
Andy Sarge

Downtown Mitchell

Andy Sarge

Old Store in Musella

Owned by my distant relative, Walter William Mitchell III aka Bear. He sold Snapper Lawn Mower Parts, candy, tobacco and liquor for years.
Serenery White

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Ironhorse Sculpture in Greene County.

This work of art was originally displayed on the UGA Campus in 1954, But the students didn't like it so they defaced it and tried to burn it and tried to stop the fire department from putting the fire out. In the end it was moved to this location and here it stands. It is on private property but you can see it when the corn isn't high and as long as the gate is open you can walk up to it.
Andy Sarge

Old Store and Repair Shop in Veazey

Wonder what the story is with the truck body on the side is.
Andy Sarge

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Antique Store in Bowman

Randy Clegg

Old Barn in Pierce County

Tommy-Dana Cornett‎

The Rev Wiley Abercrombie Mansion in Eatonton

 Built 1818 for the reverend, it was moved 150 yards to it's present location about 1853. One of the oldest surviving homes in the county.
Andy Sarge

Died at Doctortown

According to Wikipedia, Doctortown is an extinct town/ghost town along the Altamaha River in Wayne County. Stopped at a cemetery along US341 between Odum and Jesup and found someone from Doctortown.
Michael Rivera
Doctortown is the area of the tragic accident that took place during the Gregg Allman movie filming in 2014. It was also the site of a "minor" Civil War Battle in 1864. I may be wrong but I would not think it would be easy to get permission from Rayonier to go to the area.

The Smith-Tyson House Outside of Harrison

I'm sorry I do not know any history of the home.
Alice Knipp Garnto

Huber Grocery Story

Huber Grocery Store sits right outside of the KaMin facility in Huber
Van Byous

Old School in Ila

Andy Sarge

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Old Store at Kildare

On the old Savannah and Atlanta Railway
John F. Garrett

Mount Hermon Presbyterian Church in Ila

Organized n 1883 and the current sanctuary constructed in 1912.
Andy Sarge

Old Building in Sparta

Hank Joiner
Private club "The Eight Ball" in Sparta. Some there used to call it "Behind the Eight Ball club" opened in the 1970's as an alternative for people who could not join the "Board of Trade" club. Info from Greg Jarrell

Farmhouse in Banks County

Built around 1910.
Andy Sarge

Friday, October 13, 2017

Old Building in Crawfordville

Hank Joiner

Glassy Mountain Fire Tower in Rabun County

Hank Joiner

Glassy Mountain Lookout, built in 1941, is a 55’ metal tower with a 13’x13’ CL-100 series metal live-in cab with catwalk, located in the Chattachoochee National Forest in north Georgia. In the 1960’s an additional ground residence and garage were added.

Tombstone of Mary Irving in the Greensboro City Cemetery in Greene County

1740-1826.  A crooked line is chiseled the full length of the slab representing the path she took from her home to the spring and the bushes where a snake lay hidden. It bit her and she died before she could return home. This slab is a replacement for the original.
Jim Williamson

Scull Shoals Village in Greene County

It began as a frontier settlement in 1782, and in 1793. The settlers, began to expand rapidly across the Oconee River, after the treaty of 1802. The local villagers began with a gristmill and sawmill, and soon following Eli Whitney's 1793 invention of the cotton gin, they began to raise cotton in huge quantities.
Nycki Collins

Old Car in Calhoun

Old car in an old car port in Calhoun.  No signs of the original house though. There are many historic looking houses and buildings in this area, I just didn’t have time to get out and take pictures in Calhoun.
Michael Huggins

Barrow County Barn

Slowly disintegrating.
Andy Sarge

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Old Gaol (Jail) In Greensboro

Jay Cabral
In 1807, the Superior Court of Greene County recommended that a substantial jail be built. The "rock gaol" is the product of that request. Built of granite from a local quarry, the walls are 2 feet thick. It is the oldest standing masonry jail in Georgia.
The building is patterned after European bastilles. The downstairs cells are like European catacomb cells. Prisoners in the cells could be chained to the wall. They given a bed of straw, a tin bucket for a toilet and a candle. There was no other light, no heat and no ventilation. People arrested for non-violent crimes were sometimes put in the upstairs room where they at least had light.
The legal method of execution in Georgia was handing from 1735 to 1924. The gallows and trap door of the Gaol are just as they were in the 1800s. The hangman stood on the steps, pulled the lever, and the trap door fell away.
The Gaol was used until 1895 when a new jail was built next door. The new jail combined a detention facility with the sheriff's residence. Recently renovated, it is now the L.L. Wyatt Museum, housing memorabilia from Greene County's law enforcement history. Open by appointment.

House in Warthen

Interesting design on this house in Warthen
Built in 1916.
Andy Sarge