Sunday, May 21, 2017

Water Mill at Berry College

Located on the Berry College campus in Floyd County stands this massive water powered mill. Said to be one of the largest in the world at 42ft in diameter this mill was used by the school to grind corn for various uses. In 1977 it was rebuilt in memory of Mr. Gordon Keown. Mr. Keown was an alumnus of Berry, a long-time staff member and a director at the Berry Schools from 1942-1944.
Eric Jones

Old House in Cherokee County

Duke Whitfield

Old Barn

 On edge of road in Pickens County
Duke Whitfield

Old House in Monticello

Circa 1915. No history found.
Andy Sarge

First African Baptist Church on Cumberland Island

Founded in 1893. This is the church where John Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette were married in 1996.
Keith Brock

Franklin County Courthouse in Carnesville

 Built in 1906, the town was founded in 1806.
Jim Williamson

Abandoned House in Hiram

Brian Harlan

An Abandoned Farmhouse in Oglethorpe County

Denise Rich Fitzgerald

Old Barn in Stephens County

Scottie Fulbright

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Old General Store

This is what appears to be an old general store in Glascock County. I'll post a closeup of the front doors so you can see an old, rusty Nehi sign.
Scott Poupard

My Grandparent's Old Homeplace in Braselton

 I still have two uncles still reside there with no inside water have to draw it from a well. Still tar papered walls. Full of so many memories.
Tonda Doster

Elam-Egypt Baptist Church n Egypt

The congregation was founded in 1870 in a split with Little Ogeechee Baptist over the use of an organ in services. They later came back together of sorts and the congregation moved to Egypt. The current sanctuary was built in 1902.
Andy Sarge

Home in Penia Community of Crisp County

Built in 1880
Elaine Patterson

Old Train Depot in Lilly

Mike Knowles

Old House

Someone's old abode back in the woods of Oglethorpe County
Denise Rich Fitzgerald

Old Plantation Home

Located down a dirt road outside of Milledgeville. Appears that renovation started and stopped from looking through the window. I don't really know much about this place but maybe someone on this page might know more?
Leland Kent

Old Home in Hart County

Scottie Fulbright

Moore Chapel

(1906).  On the campus of the Methodist Children's Home in Decatur. The home has been sold an the fate of this jewel is unknown.
Jim Williamson

Near Union Point

David Moore

Near Union Point

Sadly this house in Greene County east of Union Point has needed a roof for years. The interior is rotten all the way to the ground.
David Moore

Old Barn in Hart County

Wish I could see the rest of this one.
Scottie Fulbright

Old Stable in Gwinnett County

 Andy Sarge

Former Miniature Golf Place in Turner County

Although small looking, I can imagine all of the good times had here.
Michael Rivera

Friday, May 19, 2017

Continental Ginning System in Downtown Homer

Sandra H Camper‎


" Dutchy" was the first monument made in Elberton in 1898 as the town's Confederate Memorial. The town's people were not happy. They thought he looked too squat and said he looked like a Yankee, "a cross between a Pennsylvania Dutchman and a hippopotamus," thus the name. In 1900 a group of young men, tired of others making fun, pulled him down and buried him in a deep grave. He was exhumed in 1982 and is on display at the Granite Museum in Elberton.
Jim Williamson
There are different versions of this story. I like this one.


Historical marker and graves of Bishop Atticus Green Haygood and his sister, Laura Askew Haygood. in front of the house where they were born in Watkinsville . The house is now the Methodist parsonage.
Jim Williamson

Old Blue Pontiac in Bibb County

Parked in March of 1973 after the death of my Grand Aunt Mable
Charli Nicole Barkemeyer

Fayette County Courthouse in Fayetteville

Built in 1825 and according to Wikipedia is the oldest courthouse in Georgia.
Daniel Avery

Old "A" Frame Farm House in Turner County

Daniel Avery

Live Oak Cemetery and Methodist Church in Turner County

Established in 1888
Daniel Avery

A Wayne County Barn with a View


Old Coca-Cola Building in Waycross

 Jan Meeks

Old Home in Eatonton

It has seen better days.
Andy Sarge

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Old Restaurant Sign in Bryan County

Lisa Wood Lanham

Georgia Guidestones in Elbert County

Flavio Cesar Medina Quiroz

Old Home in Franklin County

Scottie Fulbright

Salem Baptist Church in Oglethorpe County

 The congregation goes back to 1789. It was first known as Buffalo Creek Church and had a small building a mile south of the current site. In 1828 a new church was built on the current site . That building has been replaced or rebuilt at some point and there have been many renovations over the years.
Andy Sarge

Old House in Madison

Built in 1870.
Andy Sarge

Old Beat Up Chevy in Lavonia.

Andy Sarge

The Dozier-Williams House in Athens

 Circa 1880. The house was built by enlarging a smaller, circa 1850 structure.
Andy Sarge

Old Home Place in Spalding County

Yellow front door on an old home place in Spalding County
Megan Lewis

Old Homeplace in Spalding County

Dinner bell and birdhouse at an old homeplace in Spalding County
Megan Lewis