Monday, December 11, 2017

Backroads & Byways of Georgia

We are occasionally asked if we are making a book of this page. Honestly folks, this is just a fun page to share pictures and we certainly aren't historians. However, if you really want a book, read what Brian Brown on Vanishing South Georgia says about this one. I might just buy myself one for Christmas!!

Abandoned Gas Station in White County

Susan Boye

Farmhand Homes in the Community of Sybert

Circa 1920
Andy Sarge

Loudermilk Mill

Thank you for the piece on the Loudermilk Mill. My husband and I are excited to carry on my mom and dad’s dream of restoring the mill. It was beautiful this past weekend with the snow.
Robin Nash Glass

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Loudermilk Mill in Habersham County

It is about to undergo a restoration. It was very interesting to hear the history of this mill from its new owner.
Mandy Smith Taylor

Concord Covered Bridge

Obligatory snow picture of the Concord Covered Bridge in Cobb County, which is nearing completion of its refurbishment.
Brian Harlan

Healan's Mill

The restoration of Healan's Mill continues. Originally constructed in the 1840's by William Head and known as Head's Mill. It was in continuous operation until WW2. It sat unused for years until the Healan's bought the mil in the 1960's with the idea of using it as an antique store. I don't know how long they lasted but it was falling a part before Hall County bought it and has set about restoring it. 
Andy Sarge

Victory Church in Carroll County

Karlee Barker

Old Farmhouse

Unoccupied old farmhouse in the middle of Walton County. The main building was originally constructed in the 1880's.
Andy Sarge

Warthen United Methodist Church

Built in 1886 on land donated by Tom Warthen so his wife would have a place to worship since she was a Methodist. 
Andy Sarge

The Post Office in Greensboro

Built in 1936 as a WPA project.. Inside are two murals, one of which depicts the burning of Greensboro by indians in 1787 when this area was colonial frontier.
Andy Sarge

Friday, December 8, 2017

Remnants of Hydro Power Plant

Located on the Tallulah River and built to supply power for the construction of Tallulah Dam, which was completed in 1914. Now located inside Tallulah Gorge State Park in Rabun County.
Brian Harlan

The Old Wellborn Store in the Persimmon Community of Rabun County

It was built about 1924. Up until 1960 when the legislature passed a law requiring all merchants to keep a close accounting of sugar and mason jars sold, Persimmon was the center of moonshining in Northeast Georgia.
Mike Maffett

Home in Jersey

Circa 1912
Andy Sarge

Our 1880 Jones County Farmhouse

Originally owned by the Mercer family (cemetery on adjoining property). We've lovingly restored it and are proud to be the caretakers. There are at least 4 additional home sites on the property with foundations, chimneys, and a few grave markers. We also have the old Haddock general store on the property.
April Hendricks

Before and after Being Restored

This is my great grandmother’s house in Wilkes County!
She raised 13 children in this house!
Dennis Nash

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Uriah Griffin Bonaparte Hogan House

Circa 1900-1925. Located outside of Dexter in Laurens County.
Alice Knipp Garnto
Vanishing South Georgia has a good post on this house....

Homestead in Wayne County

Tommy-Dana Cornett

The Headmasters House

Located at the original site of Mercer University in Penfield. The University was founded in 1833 here and moved to Macon shortly after the Civil War, so we know the house was built in that time frame. It is still used but I'm not sure how as there is a treatment facility on the property now,
Andy Sarge

The Episcopal Church of the Advent in Madison

The Episcopal Church of the Advent in Madison was actually built in 1844 by the Methodists. The Episcopalians actually built their own church in the 1850's. When the Great Depression and the Boll Weevil hit in the 30's. The church membership dwindled to the point that the church was decommissioned and sold to the city. In 1953, the church was reconstituted and again grew to some prominence. The Methodists had moved to a new structure in 1914 and the building sat vacant until the 1961 when the Church of the Advent took it and remain there today.
Andy Sarge

Near Dahlonega

These are next to an old farmhouse circa 1900 but they are much older than that, and are in close proximity are an abandoned farmhouse and a small primitive church that are surrounded by trees and barely visible this time of year. In fact I’ve been driving past this area for many, many years and I only just saw the two other abandoned structures through the tree limbs recently - it was so shocking to me that they were there. This particular area has a lot of abandoned tenant farmhouses from the 1800s and then newer farmhouses circa 1900-1925. It’s a very interesting area but no info that I’ve come across. 
Susan Boye

Old Farmhouse in Hancock County

Andy Sarge

Old Structure in Dewy Rose

I have not found info on any Depot in Dewy Rose but this building with a cargo door opening to the tracks makes me think that it was at least a freight depot way back. If so, it hasn't been used as such in a long, long time.
Andy Sarge

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Oaks Plantation in Morgan County

The home was originally constructed in 1832 pretty much as you see here. Since the end of the Civil War, there have been additions onto the rear. It has been restored and is now a B&B.
Andy Sarge

Old Building in Madison County

Located next to the almost finished Comer bypass.
Joshua Penfield

Barn in Oglethorpe County

Andy Sarge

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Old Sign in Washington

Located in Washington  this sign is a reminder of when the building behind it was used as a school. I attended kindergarten here in ‘76/‘77.
Robby West

Long Closed Exxon Station and Store in Fairplay

Andy Sarge

Chattahoochee Plantation

Sign marking the boundary of the former city of Chattahoochee Plantation. Located along Sope Creek in Cobb County.
The city of Chattahoochee Plantation was incorporated in 1961. Its boundaries were approximately 10 feet wide by 7 miles long. Its sole purpose was to prevent the city of Atlanta from annexing land into Cobb County, and it never organized any actual government. In 1989, the citizens of Sandy Springs attempted to have their area annexed into Chattahoochee Plantation in order to break away from Fulton County. The attempt was thwarted by longtime Georgia House Speaker Tom Murphy, The "city" was unincorporated in 1995.
Brian Harlan

Old Silo

Old silo off Highway 316 in Barrow County
Paul W Peel

Early Craftsman Detailed Duplex in Powder Springs

Randy Huber

Abandoned Buildings in Meigs

A block of buildings in downtown Meigs sits abandoned. Notice the windows missing at the top. Meigs is a unique small town, as it sits in BOTH Thomas & Mitchell Counties in Southwest Georgia. Meigs was once a bustling town that started from a turpentine still that was started by George W. Meigs, the namesake of the community, around 1875 near a popular crossing for the Savannah, Florida, and Western Railroad. It was a thriving community for decades, but unfortunately the downturn for the city started when synthetic turpentine replaced natural pine in the 1930s & George's turpentine operation closed. If that weren't enough, the fall of railroads and the rise of car and trucks helped contribute to the end of passenger rail service in the city- other businesses that used to ship by train but relocated to areas closer to major highways. US 19 once brought traffic through the town as well, but when US Highway 19 was 4 laned, it bypassed the town completely- nearly one mile to the East- taking away even more traffic from the small town. Today, the entire downtown is nearly empty except for the post office. Maybe someone will revitalize this small town! 
Jay Blanton

Saturday, December 2, 2017

An Old Barn in Charleton County

Gara Moody

Piney Grove Baptist Church in Oglethorpe County

In 1872 the black members of the Clouds Creek Baptist Church asked to form their own conference. In 1873, they decided to form their own church and thus was Piney Grove founded. They adopted the same rules and decorum as Cloud's Creek and a cordial relationship between the two exists to this day.The congregation built the present building in 1913.
Andy Sarge

Old Store in Danville

Just love these old stores with painted signs. Lots of good places to photo, just didn't have time to stop.
Mike Knowles

Old House in Mitchell

Andy Sarge

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Habersham County

Susan Boye

The Elisha Winn House in Gwinnett County

Elisha Winn built it in 1812 when he moved to what was then Jackson County. Gwinnett County was created in 1818 from part of Jackson County and ceded land from the Cherokee and Creek Indians. The first county elections and Inferior Court Sessions were held in the house and his barn was where the Superior Court met. He was also a state representative and state senator before he died in 1842.
Andy Sarge

The Southern Railway Depot in Hill City

Built in 1903, it has been other business in it's life but now is a one room Inn that you can rent for a few nights and watch about 45-50 trains a day roll by. 
Andy Sarge

Bethel United Methodist Church in Hall County

Established in 1888. The church’s public Facebook page, posted at their 125th year anniversary in 2013, gives some history:
A group of neighbors in the community began meeting to worship together in the 1870’s, purchased land to build on in 1884, then chartered on February 18, 1888 with the N. GA Conference of Methodists as part of the Brookton Circuit with four other churches.
The original building is still used every Sunday.
Original trustees whose names appear on the 1884 property deed: A.F. Goudalek, Harris Cantrell, John C. Gilstrap, his cousin John Gilstrap, S.B. McDonald, witnessed by Benjamin Head and J.N. O’Kelly, J.P.
Susan Boye

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Bethesda Baptist Church in Greene County

It was founded in 1785 by settlers coming into the area after the Revolutionary War and the church was known as Whatley's Mill until 1817. In those early days they posted guards outside the door and the members had their guns during services to fend off Indians who were still raiding in the area. It was decided to build a new larger brick church and the new church as dedicated in 1818. The bricks were made on site in Kilns and the name was changed to Bethesda. The church was the second brick church in the state and still stand and services are still held. 
Andy Sarge

Old House in Dahlonega

Circa 1866
Susan Boye

Woodbine in Camden County

The sign above the door is written in German. 
Tim Kelley

Old Farm Equipment in Morven

Marian Phillips

Near Rocky Ford

This is just outside of Rocky Ford, near Oak Grove Baptist Church, in Screven County. I don't know who it belonged to. This area is where my grandparents grew up and later on I spent a lot of my childhood here. I wish I could revisit those days. You don't know what you've got until it's gone. 😔
Sheryl Cannon

Old Unoccupied House in Tignall

 Circa 1901, at least that's the earliest date I could find. 
Andy Sarge

HJ Burkhalter's Store

Have a Coke and a Smile at HJ Burkhalter's Store in Floyd County. At least you used to be able too.
Andy Sarge

Old Homestead in Hall County

Susan Boye

Monday, November 27, 2017

Pruitt and Gee Auto Sales in Pendergrass

 Since the 129 bypass was put in, business declined, now only 2-5 cars are on the lot.
Tracy McCulley