Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Belvin House in Blackshear

It was built in 1875 as the Pierce County Courthouse. It served that function until 1902 when it was replaced as it was in bad condition. It was sold at auction and moved to it's present location where it was repaired and turned into a private residence. 
Andy Sarge

Old Sign

Commercial sign beside GA Hwy 39 in Stewart County
being swallowed up by the forest.
Brian Harland

Old Structure in Cherokee County

This structure is very small, so I have no idea if this was a Cherokee County home or if it was used for something else. It was sandwiched between an abandoned business and an abandoned home.
Charlie Sewell

Sign for an Old Closed Camera Shop in Commerce

These kinds of old camera shops are almost extinct in small town Georgia.
Andy Sarge

Old Well House in Dallas

Sammy Graham

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

An Abandoned Estate in Hancock County

The house was built in the 1920s.
Leland Kent

New Harmony Methodist Church in Hart County

There is precious little information on New Harmony Methodist Church in Hart County. There isn't even agreement on how old the building is. A congregation goes all the way back to the 1820's before there was a Hart County. The structure goes back to the 1870's or earlier. In it's history, there have been times when the church sat unused. It's known that the church was on the Howell Circuit in 1859 but in 1877, it was not on the preaching circuit. In 1961 Mount Zion Methodist church's cemetery was moved to New Harmony. The church has been pretty much unused for at least 20 years.
Andy Sarge

An Unoccupied Home in Cherokee County

Charlie Sewell

Old House in Haralson County

Rhonda Ann Ezell-Conover

Old Home Place in Haralson County

Rhonda Ann Ezell-Conover

Old Hay Barn in Haralson County

Rhonda Ann Ezell-Conover

An Abandoned House in Bleckley County

To the left of this house is a huge corn field.
Ashleigh Deakin

Home in Darien

Circa 1876  
Andy Sarge

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Old Farm House

Old farm house in the woods close to Gainesville. 
Stanley Lang

Old Farmhouse Just Outside Chickamauga National Battlefield Park

 Circa 1896
Andy Sarge

Old Beauty Between Bristol and Blackshear

Kristi Bird

The Old Train Depot at Central State Hospital in Baldwin County

The old train depot at Central State Hospital in Baldwin County. It housed the CSH museum for a number of years before recently closing.
Leland Kent

Old Building in Cherokee County

I have no idea what type of business this once was.
Charlie Sewell

Mountville Baptist Church

Mountville Baptist Church began life as Hebron Baptist Church in Meriwether County about 1903. The congregation withered slowly and in 1936 decided to take the church apart and put it back together in Mountville where it serves today.
Andy Sarge

Carroll County Oldie

It even has a floor model TV still sitting in it!!
Beth MacHarg Brown

The Old Shady Dale Bank

Jay Cabral

Old Home Place in Cook County!

Hugh Strickland

Old Barn in Cherokee County

 Charlie Sewell

Old Tractors in Wilkes County

Andy Sarge

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Old Barn in Fulton County

Old barn alongside the road. I never would have thought that there are lots of dirt roads in Fulton County.
Charlie Sewell

H.C. Melton General Merchandise in Allentown

Circa 1900
Ed Davies

Bob's Beer Joint on Hwy. 197 in Rabun County

 Prohibition ended in 1933 and alcohol became a local option. Rabun was one of the only counties in NE GA to sell beer. They charged a $1 per case tax which in part helped build the county's first hospital. Bob Brooks opened Bob's in 1936, and it remained in business until the 1960's. There was some dispute where it could be built because it was just above the Habersham County line (dry). This dispute went back to the Blair line survey between the State of GA and the Cherokee Indian nation. The bar was placed far enough above the line to prevent any dispute. Rumor has it that more than beer was sold. The Persimmon Valley, the moonshine center of NE GA, is only a few miles away.
Mike Maffett

A Modest Little Farmhouse in Bartow County

Still managing to stand near Pine Log in Bartow County 
Jason Davis

Bleckley County

Cal Avery

From December 2017 in Carroll County

Tracy Betenbaugh

Old Barn in Johnson County

Cal Avery

Interesting Old Barn in Cherokee County

 Charlie Sewell

Needwood Baptist Church

It was built in the 1870's by freed slaves, It was organized in 1866 on Broadfield Plantation as Broadfield Baptist. The church was built in the 1870's and moved to it's present location in 1886 and renamed Needwood Baptist Church, That is when the towers were added
Andy Sarge

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Bank of Sparks in Cook County

Erected in 1909. This building became Citizens Banking Co. of Sparks in 1929 and then a branch of Adel Banking Co. in more recent times. The interior of the building is currently being renovated for TEN X Indoor Pistol & Rifle Range and is to be opened soon. The exterior will be maintained. It is good to see a historic structure being put to modern use instead of being torn down or collapsing.
Charles Shiver

Historic Building in Valdosta

This unassuming building at the corner of West Savannah Avenue & South Toombs Street in Valdosta, Georgia  is hiding quite a bit of history! It was built in 1925 as a bottling facility to accommodate an ever-growing fleet of delivery trucks that delivered a very popular beverage to stores in & around the Valdosta area: Coca-Cola! It only served as the Coca-Cola Bottling Works for 27 years before moving into a more "modern" facility on Ashley Street in 1952 (That one is also now closed. The current facility is on US 84 West about a mile west of I-75). On the outside, the building looks remarkably similar to the original design from the Coca-Cola Bottling Company days, but the inside is quite different. It now serves as the corporate offices for Barnes Healthcare Services! The historic photo was provided courtesy of the Lowndes County Historical Society.
Jay Blanton

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Forgotten Tractor

Tractor in Cherokee County forgotten a long time ago
Charlie Sewell