Thursday, August 9, 2018

Collapsing Home

Old home in the final stages of collapse, near Armuchee in Floyd County.
Brian Harlan

Old Shed in Rosier

Unused now, it was likely a farmer's supply shed, maybe even an old cotton warehouse considering it was located next to a rail line at one time.
Andy Sarge

Primrose Cottage in Roswell

This is Primrose Cottage which was build in 1839. It was the first permanent private home in Roswell  and built for Roswell King's recently widowed daughter, Eliza King Hand, and her children. Roswell King also moved into the house with his daughter's family.
Charlie Sewell

Blackshear First Presbyterian Church

On April 11, 1872, a petition was presented to the Savannah Presbytery for a new church to be organized in Blackshear. That petition was acted n and approved on May 18, 1872. Blackshear First Presbyterian Church was dedicated in October 1874 with 10 founding members. It has been serving Blackshear since then.
Andy Sarge

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Old Clyattville Courthouse

If you pass by the city park in the small unincorporated town of Clyattville in southern Lowndes County a few miles north of the Georgia-Florida State line, you'll see this old small building that looks out of place. That's because it IS out of place in this park; in 2007 it was moved to this location from down the road about half a mile from it's original location on the northeast corner of Railroad Street & Madison Highway, across railroad street from the Methodist Church in Clyattville. There is much more to this old building than meets the eye! While we don't think anything of driving many miles at a time nowadays, a trip to the county seat of Valdosta, 10 miles away wasn't so easy before automobiles. If you think back to a time before cars, a journey to Valdosta would take quite awhile...but, what if you had business with the county? That's what this old building was is an old courthouse and polling place built in the late 19th century. This was actually common in the days before modern travel- smaller towns & unincorporated communities would typically have small courthouses close by, so residents didn't have to make the long journey to the larger courthouse in the county seat. The former courthouse consists of one room and a porch. It was simple but served an important function in a much simpler time....passing by today, most people don't think about the history inside of these walls! 
Jay Blanton

Old House in White Plains

Built around 1910. 
Andy Sarge

H.G. Tolbert Grocery in NE Haralson County

Steven Callis

Abandoned Funeral Home

Inside an abandoned funeral home in Bibb County which has been closed since 2010.
Photo by David Bulit

Old House in Adel

The house is located directly behind the Hood's Hardware Store in my hometown of Adel.
Steven Alexander

Old Barn in Glascock County

Andy Sarge

Lovely Old Home in Walker County

Charlie Sewell

Abandoned Home in Cherokee County

Charlie Sewell

An Old Farmhouse in Monroe County

Scott Poupard

Monday, August 6, 2018

Abandoned Commercial Buildings

 Located on GA 151, near Lafayette in Walker County.
Brian Harlan

Old Dutch Style Windmill in Madison County

Andy Sarge

Georgia's Statue of Liberty

Visit McRae in Telfair County and see the Statue of Liberty. Dedicated to those who fought in 5 different wars for our country.
Summer Walker Crawford

Old Opry House Building in Juliette

April Lynn Brantley

Old Bridge

The old bridge over Old Ila Road in Madison County.
Andy Sarge

Bulloch Hall

This is the elegant Bulloch Hall which was built in Roswell, Georgia in 1839. This historic house is an example of Greek Revival architecture and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The dining room of Bulloch Hall was the setting on December 22, 1853, of the wedding of Mittie Bulloch to Theodore Roosevelt Sr.
Their son Theodore (Teddy) became the twenty-sixth President of the United States. In October 1905, he traveled through the southern states and came to Roswell specifically to visit his mother’s childhood home.
Charlie Sewell

Old Farmhouse in Pierce County

Diane Jordan
This house, located just outside of Bristol, was revealed after a clear cut in 2016. It is rumored to be a hunting club.

Old House on a Dirt Road in Lauren's County

April Lynn Brantley

Old House Too Far Gone in Glascock County

Andy Sarge

Atlanta Mystery

Not sure what this is but it’s definitely old. Located on Irwin St. in Atlanta.
Dustin R. Trautz

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Clements Log Cabin

This is at Heritage Park in McDonough 
Michael Daniels

An Old Country Home in Washington County.

Due to the number of beds and cots in the home, I would guess there were at least 10 people living in this home at some point.
Photo by David Bulit

Old Building in Nelson

Not sure if it was an old store or maybe even an old telephone exchange. 
Andy Sarge

Barrington Hall in Roswell

Barrington Hall is an 1839 Greek Revival-style mansion built as the residence of Barrington King who, along with his father Roswell King, was the founder of the town of Roswell, in northern Fulton County.
Charlie Sewell

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Blacksmith Shop

Blacksmith shop built in the 1930’s by the CCC crew to support their work creating Hard Labor Creek State Park. 
Brian Harlan

Old Apartment

A small apartment located above a business in Hancock County. It was owned by a WWII veteran and piano teacher.
David Bulit

OBITUARY: Historic Georgia State Farm Prison

We are saddened to announce that another Georgia Historic building has found the demise of the wrecking ball. The Georgia State Farm Prison in Milledgeville, better known as “The Farm”. It was born in 1911 and died suddenly July 26, 2018, at the edge of Milledgeville. It became the first prison in the state to have the infamous electric chair “Old Sparky” The chair was built by actual inmates .
The historical significance includes being the final home of 162 inmates by which their lives ended by the pull of the switch.
The building was said to have been haunted by souls that never left. With todays’ DNA testing and forensics, how many of the guilty would have been found innocent? Maybe those are the ones left behind. The building housed the good, the bad and the innocent. Some lives appear to have ended due to circumstantial evidence. Men arrived by Train, wagons and automobiles. They were old and young. All were watched over by the guards and visited by the head warden each day.
The prison gave shelter to many inmates with the best it had. Not only did the walls see the 162 court ordered executions, but saw many leave due to age, and sickness.

Famous inmates include Bill Miner, a notorious outlaw and train robber who previously rode with Jesse James. Leo Frank, the successful business man from Atlanta kidnapped from the prison then lynched in Marietta. In 1932 the son Fred Hulsey along with his father, William died on the same day, one behind the other.
Many stories were slowly coming to life by diligent research. Stories and photography were wanted to bring more history back to the prison.
If one would ask their spiritual guidance, would the inmates have the right to have been saved? Did they have the right for comfort? The unremarkable Reverend Edwin C. Atkins was available to witness for all. Most Sundays during his 14 year stay, Rev. Atkins preached sermons about the circumstances that contributed to a misguided life that lead the men to the Farm. He was with 141 inmates until their last breath. Only hours later, many times taking the grieving families to his home for extra comfort, prayer and a meal.
With justice given to so many, we must remember they were sons, brothers, uncles, friends, husbands and fathers.
In 1937 the building ended its life as the “State Farm” due to overcrowding.
Being on the National Historic registry did nothing to save the life of the building.
There had been a grassroots effort trying to save the building and artworks, spearheaded by the great grandson of Reverend Atkins by his name sake Edwin Atkins.
Written by Phyllis Betancourt
Picture by Edwin Atkins

A Mule-Pulled Mule and Marta Street Car from 1866

Located in the Southeastern Railroad Museum in Gwinnett County.
Airica Kirby-Liscio

Flat Shoals Salem Road Baptist Church in Troup County

It was founded in 1829 as Flat Shoals Primitive Baptist Church. The current structure was built around 1912 and that's all the info I have found.
Andy Sarge

Farmhouse in Heard County

Andy Sarge

Lovely Old Home in Fulton County

Charlie Sewell

Old Dalton Hosiery Mill

Built in the 20's
Richie Hurtt

Healan's/Head's Mill in Hall County

Amanda Gaskins

Abandoned RR Tracks in Jasper County

Michael Rodock

Abandoned House near Quitman

Michael Rodock