Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Abandoned House in Bostwick

Andy Sarge

Old Depot in Perkins

Becky Reppert

Hawes General Store in Perkins

The smaller building behind the store used to be a hat and dry goods store and now has been repurposed into Grace Community Church.
Becky Reppert

Carswell Baptist Church in Jenkins County

I took this picture in November 2014, just 2 days before it was burned down
Donald Coleman


Summertown United Methodist Church in Emanuel County

Circa 1881
Alice Knipp Garnto

Summertown is a very small town in Georgia that resulted from settlers who lived in the nearby swamps moving to higher ground to escape the malaria outbreaks. The United Methodist Church building was constructed sometime around the start of this area’s congregation in 1881. It’s built of pine lumber which is common to the area and has been partially restored in the last 15 years or so. There’s also a small cemetery on the right of the church that includes more recent burials. The church discontinued services in the mid-1990s when the population could no longer support having an active church. https://theoldchurchproject.wordpress.com/2017/03/28/summertown-united-methodist-church/

Zebulon Elementary School in Pike County

The city is working to raise the funds to restore the building
Here is the history...
Leland Kent

Old Snyder Brothers Company Plant in Toccoa

Looks like they made custom industrial coatings and finishes.
Andy Sarge

Monday, July 24, 2017

Storefront in Parrott

Randy Clegg

Storefront in Parrott

 Randy Clegg

Old Store Building in Franklin County

Susan Carter Wilburn

Bryan County Fisherman's Co-Op in Richmond Hill

Annie Pope Lamb

Farmhouse in Walton County

Circa 1910
Andy Sarge

Crazy Mule Antiques

My husband and I stopped by this store close to Clarksville and loved exploring all the old treasures. I don't know much about it. I should have asked more questions... Will do so next time as we plan on going back.
Cynthia Garner Vogl
This store is located in an old 1909 general store in Lula.

The Caboose from an Old Train at Talmo

Shirley Kinney

Rabun Winery in Tiger

Shirley Kinney

Barn near Talmo

Shirley Kinney

Wall Mural in Pine Mountain

My guess would be depicting Callaway Gardens founder. 
Andy Sarge

Abandoned Small Commercial Building

Likely a small bait & tackle shop, on the shore of Arabia Mountain Lake.
Brian Harlan

Parrott Storefront in Terrell County

Randy Clegg

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Old Barn in Jackson County

Shirley Kinney

Lookout Tower

Former Georgia Forestry Commission lookout tower in Baker County
Michael Rivera

Old Arlington High School

Looks like a former school in dilapidated condition in Arlington
Michael Rivera

Old Arlington High School
Built in 1925  and was in use until 1978.

Not Quite Mayberry but Close in Coffee County

Rebecca Floyd Dixon
This mural was hand painted on a barn (north of Broxton on 441) by artist Dylan Ross 


Old Bridge in Downtown Jefferson

Before new road construction.
Debbie Amell

The Streamliner in Savannah

This classic diner style building was built in 1930. I know for quite awhile it was the Streamliner Diner. I don't know what else it's been called but today it's home to some mighty good BBQ.
Andy Sarge

James Price McRee House

 Also known as McRee Hall is a Classical Revival-style house built in 1907 in Camilla.
Michael Rivera

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Old Powerhouse at Toccoa Falls College

Built in 1899 to provide Hydro-electric power to the surrounding area. A log was built at the headwater of a creek above the powerhouse to provide water flow to make electricity. In 1927 Georgia Power aquired the plant and in 1933 gave it to the Toccoa Falls Institute, later College. It powered the college until 1953 when the school returned it to Georgia Power.
Andy Sarge

The C F Hays General Store in Crawford County

Has been in the same family since 1900.
Chris Allen

Old Home Place in Banks County

Susan Carter Wilburn

Wall Mural on Old Coca Cola building in Elberton

Barely discernable message reads "Drink Coca-Cola. RELIEVES FATIGUE. SOLD EVERYWHERE. 5C
Dave Thackery

General Store in "Downtown" Bowersville

It was once a bustling community founded in 1878 at the intersection of two railroad lines.
Dave Thackery

Abandoned House Outside Watkinsville

Jim Poole

Southerness Golf Course

Bag drop and part of the clubhouse from the abandoned Southerness Golf Course, now part of Panola Mountain State Park in Rockdale County.
Brian Harlan

Forgotten Caboose

Forgotten caboose found in Hart County near the train depot in Hartwell.
Jamette McCollum


Denhamville Tanyard and Leather Factory in Putnam County was destroyed during the Civil War in 1864. The 100ft. tall chimney remains after all these years.
Janette McCollum

Old Workshop in Elbert County

Andy Sarge

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bowersville Baptist Church

Established in 1886. This is the second sanctuary and was built in 1939.
Andy Sarge

Old Sewing Mill In Elbert County

Katelyn Deanna Langley

Andy Sarge It is in the city limits not too far from the old railroad station. At one time it was a textile mill that spun silk. It has been a commercial warehouse and is now or at least most recently a plant that sewed insulation into firesuits

Houston County Home

Built in 1870. This home was cut in half and moved from downtown Perry to its current location in the early 1960's.
Terry Leonard

Old Barn

At Turner's Corner, near Turner's Campground in White County.
Shirley Kinney

Remember the Old Outhouse?

We still have one in Jackson County, at lease a replica of one (tool shed now).
Shirley Kinney

House in Guyton

Circa 1860. Was a B&B lately but now a private home again.
Andy Sarge

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Old Stake Body Truck

Saw this old stake body truck at a lake I fish regularly in Paulding County. I can never look at an old vehicle like this without wondering about the person that drove it away from the lot when it was new.
LaMon Ware

Arlington Depot in Calhoun County

Built in 1898, Arlington's Union Depot served the Central of Georgia and the Georgia, Florida, and Alabama Railway. Today the rail lines are operated by the Hilton & Albany Railroad and the Georgia Southwestern Railroad. - http://railga.com/Depots/arlington.html
City of Arlington received $80,000 in ISTEA grants in 2007 and 2011 from GDOT for the rehabilitation project. - http://www.earlycountynews.com/news/2013-03-06/Front_Page/Arlington_Depot_renovation.html
Michael Rivera