Saturday, January 20, 2018

Old Store in Matthews

Donna Gates Kelly

Old Red Barn Outside Pinehurst

Photo challenge #1
Elaine Patterson

Old Train Depot in Pinehurst

Photo challenge 2!!
Elaine Patterson

Rusty Water Tower

Photo challenge # 10!
Located at Noble Gin near Smyrna Community in Dooly County
Elaine Patterson

Ty Cobb's Tomb

Little Known Places in Georgia
Located in the Rose Hill Cemetery on Burch Street in Royston
One of baseball's first Hall of Fame members.
Paul W Peel (photographer)
Royston is located approx. 90 miles northeast of Atlanta in Franklin County
Tyrus Raymond Cobb (1886-1961) moved to Royston as a youth when his father got a teaching position here. He was playing “Town Ball” for the Royston Reds at age 14 and was in the minors at 17. He first played with the Augusta Tourists then with the Anniston, Alabama Noblemen before signing with the Detroit Tigers at age 18. In his 24 year career, (1905-1926 with Detroit and 1927-1928 with Philadelphia) he amassed 90 records and was a charter member of the Baseball Hall of Fame at Cooperstown and the first inducted in 1936. His lifetime batting average of .367 was still the record seven decades later. He hit .323 his last year when he was 41. In 1995, he still had the record of scoring the most runs with 2,245. He was second in hits with 4,191 and triples with 297. He remained in the top five in records for RBI’s doubles extra base hits, total bases and stolen bases. He also ranked second in career double plays for an outfielder with 107 over 67 years after his career ended. Most of his career was played in the “dead ball” era which make his records even more remarkable. Ty Cobb was born in Banks County and lived in several places including Augusta, Cornelia and Lake Tahoe, California but always called Royston home and help establish the hospital here. 

Sunshine UMC in Round Oak

Picture provided by Civil War Heritage Trails
Sunshine Church II, built in 1880 and dedicated in 1883 by Rev. Sam Jones, replaced old Sunshine Church, two miles south of here, which General Sherman’s troops burned in 1864. A wounded northern prisoner, B.F. Morris, Shelby, Ohio, cared for by the Hunt and Hascall families, came back in 1890 to preach in this church. R.J. Smith gave the land for the church and cemetery. First officers were: W.F. Smith, Pastor: George H. Patillo, Presiding Elder: J.P. Hunt. J.M. Hunt, J.W. Barron, R.J. Smith, W.F. White, Samuel Gordon, Stewards.

Tabernacle Baptist Church of Augusta

Photo Challenge #7. Something historic related to Martin Luther King - Richmond CountyTabernacle Baptist Church of Augusta, Georgia was founded in 1885 by Dr. C.T. Walker. By 1889 this 130 plus year old church had 2000 members and today has almost 7000 members. Dr, Martin Luther King visited Augusta several times and gave two speeches here. The first was given in 1962 at Tabernacle Baptist Church.
John Kirkland - Photo Challenge Done

Friday, January 19, 2018

Sweetwater Creek

Photo Challenge #8 Douglas County
Sweetwater Creek so peaceful and relaxing compared to downtown Atlanta which is only a few miles away. Multiple trails, Sweetwater Creek, rapids, wildlife and a piece of history that dates back to the Civil War. The ruins of New Manchester Manufacturing Company's textile mill. The mill got its power from Sweetwater Creek was burned during the Civil War but some of the walls still stand today. I can just imagine what it looked like during its heyday...
John Kirkland

Cute House in the Waycross Historic District


Farmhouse in Eastern Hall County

Built about 1912.
Andy Sarge

The Comer House in Savannah

Circa 1880. The house was originally built for the President of the Central of Georgia Railway. In 1886 , Jefferson Davis and his daughter stayed here as Comer's guests to attend a centennial celebration of one of the nations oldest military units, the Chatham Artillery.
Andy Sarge

Glen Mary Plantation in Hancock County

January Photo Challenge #6
On the National Register.
Jane K Ashley

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Providence Canyon in Stewart County

Photo challenge #4
Richard Edward Scranton

Old Coke Sign in Wrightsville

Photo Challenge #3
Alice Knipp Garnto

Ex Central of Georgia Railway Depot in Leesburg

Taken on a snowy day in south Georgia.
John F Garrett

Sacred Heart Catholic Church/Cultural Center

Photo Challenge #6 Richmond County
 It was built by Jesuit priests and its first service was on December 2, 1900. The church served the Augusta area for 70 years, until it closed in 1971. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.
John Kirkland

Old Voting Precinct Station

Looks like an old voting precinct station in Jackson County.
Andy Sarge

Red Barn in Taliaferro County

January Challenge #1 
Cal Avery

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Original "Coke" Sign

Photo Challenge #3.
Originally painted in 1894, it is located on the side of the Young Brothers Pharmacy in the heart of Cartersville (Bartow County).
Van Byous

Stillmore Methodist Church

It was organized in 1892 shortly after the town was founded. The first minister, Charles Edward Choate was also an up and coming architect. They built a small wood frame church in 1895 which was struck by lightning and burned in 1905. Mr Choate, who by that time had left the ministry and became a very renowned architect, designed and constructed this Romanesque Style Church. Again a fire struck in 1915 and damaged the church but it was restored to it's original appearance and is still active today.
Andy Sarge

Who REALLY Invented the Flying Machine?

January Challenge #5
Was a Georgian the true inventor of the flying machine???
Old Choestoe Cemetery in Union County
Cal Avery

Old Farm Gas Pump in Paulding County

Wayne Gurley

Retired U.S. Post Office in Bartow

Thomas Brannen

Have a Pepsi in Bartow

Thomas Brannen

Old Victorian Farmhouse in Raytown

Circa 1898
Andy Sarge

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Okefenokee Swamp Park

Photo Challenge #4 Charlton County
Okefenokee Swamp Park is a beautiful place that covers nearly a half million acres, has three entrances and I'm sure several counties. The entrance I took was near Folkston, GA (a jewel in itself). This swampland, also know as the "land of trembling earth" is full of vegetation and wildlife and is a photographer's paradise! Oh! and did I say alligators...every five feet! This one was less than 10 feet from where canoes were staged for visitors to rent...I took the boat!
John Kirkland

Old Country Store

Little Known Places in Georgia
Great old country store located on Church Street in Bluffton. Walking in is like taking a step back in time. If you ever find yourself near take a minute to stop by.
Holli Kilgore Redding

The Old Baldwin Water Tower in Habersham County

Taken from my living room window! There's an old mill next to it, but its too cold to get a pic! Lol I just moved here, so I don't have any info on it!
Sparky James Mcdaniel

House in Hall County

Amanda Hudson

Old Barn in Oglethorpe County

Andy Sarge

The Santa Claus Chapel

Located right beside US 1 at 15 Holly Street in Santa Claus (approx. 2.5 miles south of Lyons in Toombs County). Although the chapel was just built in 2014, Santa Claus became a city in 1941. It has a city hall where you can mail your cards at Christmas for a special post mark and the streets have Christmas names. The Chapel seats 40 and is surrounded by a one acre prayer garden with music playing during the day. There is a gazebo in the left of the picture where we enjoyed a quiet and peaceful picnic in the early fall. The chapel was not locked so we were able to go inside and look around. It has beautiful stained glass windows. Not sure of their schedule but they do hold services there.
This is a trial for a new feature on Forgotten Georgia. "Little Known Places in Georgia" 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Federal Style in Madison

Circa 1830. The small porch was added in the 1920's.
Andy Sarge

An Old School in Washington (Washington-Wilkes Comprehensive High School)

When schools were segregated this served African American students. There were three halls, P (Primary School), E (Elementary), and H (High School). Once the school system became integrated the building became the High School. A new School has since been built on the outskirts of town. More photos in the comments.
Robby West

Coke Sign in Warrenton

Photo Challenge #3 Warren County
Warrenton, the county seat of Warren County was founded in 1797 and was named for American Revolutionary War general Joseph Warren. This Coca Cola sign is on a small side street directly across the street from the courthouse.
John Kirkland

South-View Cemetery in Atlanta

This is the final resting place of Martin Luther King's younger brother, Alfred Daniel Williams King, and AD's son. Initially, AD was not as engaged in academics or the ministry. Eventually he followed in his family's footsteps, he graduated from Morehouse College and began assisting in services at Ebenezer Baptist Church. On May 11, 1963, his home in Birmingham, AL was bombed. He was a firm believer in non-violence who continually challenged protesters to not resort to non-violence. He was with his brother, Martin, when he was murdered at the Lorraine Motel.
Unfortunately, AD died a tragic death when he drowned in the family's swimming pool.
Cynthia Jennings

Old Cobb County Cemetery

Daniel Dana Scribner MD and family. Upland in the Cochran Shoals Unit of the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area in Cobb County. The best I can deduce from previous Ancestry searches is that has was a Yale trained physician who lived in that area and served the local farmers. Probably not a Civil War casualty given that troop movement in this area did not occur until a year later. Probably a cholera victim since it was rampant at this time in history. All speculation, however. I have asked Jerry Hightower of the NPS (a renown regional historian) if he knew where the original homestead was, but he too could only speculate it was not far upland from this site, but he could not be specific.
Dan Williams

1930's Cabin at FDR State Park

Photo challenge #8
Located between Warm Springs and Pine Mountain in Harris County. Built by the civilian corps that President Roosevelt started!! Roofs have been replaced but the rest is orginal!!
Elaine Patterson

Old Rusty Water Tower

Photo Challenge #10 Richmond County
Thiis water tank sits on the property of a cup manufacturing plant which had been bought out many years ago. It was originally known as Lilly Tulip. The day I took this picture I saw an announcement on the news that the current owners planned on closing the doors.
John Kirkland

Old Gas Station in Vesta

Andy Sarge

Tombstone of Mrs Amelia Dubignon on Jekyll Island

Photo challenge #5
4th May 1850. Her family owned the island for a while. I think you can read the rest.
Gina Hosch Pritchett

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Interesting Old Structure in Tarrytown

Teri Quan Grossman

Providence Canyon

Photo challenge #4
One of Georgia's seven natural wonders. We took this picture while hiking on the floor of Providence Canyon in Stewart County.
Tim Kelley

The Tombstone of Ben Selph's Arm

Photo challenge #5
I do not know the story behind this tombstone, but it had to be interesting. I have tried to find out, so if anyone has information I would appreciate it if you would fill me in. I found this tombstone while searching for my ancestors’ graves. It is located in the New Red Hill Holiness Baptist Church cemetery in Telfair County.
Karen Tolbert Hester

Chicopee Mill

Photo challenge #6
This is the office part of Chicopee Mill built in 1927.  It’s in use now as a brewery.
Gina Hosch Pritchett

Old Barn in Goldsboro Community of Bleckley County

Photo challenge #3
Karen Tolbert Hester

Amicalola Falls One of Georgia's Seven Wonders

Photo challenge #4
Amicalola Falls one of Georgia's Seven Wonders 
Gina Hosch Pritchett

Old Courthouse at Hurricane Shoals State Park

Photo challenge #8
This is the old Harrisburg Court House now located in Hurricane Shoals State Park.
Built in late 1800s.
Gina Hosch Pritchett

Heavy's BBQ in Crawfordsville

Photo challenge #3.
On the grounds of Heavy's BBQ in Crawfordsville 
Bill Jones