Thursday, January 17, 2019

Historic Valdosta

When we pass by an empty parking lot in historic downtown areas, it's easy to look over it without giving a second thought to what was once there, but beautiful buildings once stood where most of the parking lots in downtown areas are- and that's the case at the corner of Ashley Street & Hill Avenue in Lowndes county in historic downtown Valdosta. This is where the original city hall once stood!

Built in 1895, It was a brick & granite two story building with a 70 foot clock tower that was so easy on the eyes that it was referred to as the "ornament of the town". It served as city hall for 63 years, as the library until 1913, and as a public gathering space with an auditorium that could hold 600 people for plays, operas & traveling shows.

By 1958, the city of Valdosta had outgrown this aging building & moved into a more "modern" facility on North Toombs Street- the current location of the Valdosta Police Department.

Unfortunately, the 1950s-60s were a time when buildings like this were viewed as old dilapidated eyesores, and many of Valdosta's historic buildings were demolished during this time, including this building. Some were replaced with what were deemed as "modern" buildings, while this building & a few others were simply razed & turned into parking lots.

This image is a composite, a mix between an old photo of the old city hall, provided by the Lowndes County Historical Society and Museum, superimposed onto a long exposure photo I captured, showing the exact location of where the building once stood.

Jay Blanton | The Georgia Photography Fanatic

Active Mill

Old but still active feed mill, ginning plant and cotton warehouse in Davisboro.
Andy Sarge

Old Store or Voting Precinct

I think this was and old store In Jackson County.
Paul Bridges

Cherokee County Barn

It appears that this barn is no longer being used but who knows.
Charlie Sewell

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Shiloh Baptist Church in Greene County

Towns Creek Baptist Church was organized in 1795 in Greene County back when the Creek were still active in the area. Armed guards were posted when services were held. In 1807 a better church was constructed and the name was changed to Shiloh Baptist. Sometime in the early 1850's a tornado destroyed that building and the current structure was built soon after.
Andy Sarge

Neat Barn in Floyd County

Charlie Sewell

Old Barn In Madison County

Paul Bridges

Old House in Elbert County

Left to ruin. 
Denise Rich Fitzgerald

The Matthews House in Lincoln County

 It was built by noted area carpenter John Carpenter who built at least four Antebellum homes in the same area of the Lincoln and Wilkes Counties The house was started in the mid-1850's on land owned by Joseph Matthews. The house was competed in 1861 and in the same family at least thru late 70's.
Andy Sarge

Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Captain W.D. Linch House in Senoia

Circa 1888. The Captain was a Civil War officer who fought at Manassas and Gettysburg.
Andy Sarge

Historic Marker Home in Cochran

Where my father Ron Abney was born
 Lee Darter

Dykes Plantation in Bleckley County near Cochran

 Lee Darter

Interesting Setting in Greene County

November 2018
Charlie Sewell

What Used to be Turner's Grocery in White County

 Andy Sarge

Old Bridge in Atlanta

Handsome little bridge carrying Second Avenue over Cottage Grove Road in Atlanta, c. 1945. Cottage Grove Road was built as the route of a trolley line spur connecting to the East Lake Country Club. I guess that's why there there are two stairways, so riders could reach Second Avenue without crossing the trolley tracks. In case you're wondering, those are murals under the bridge, not graffiti.
Tom Marney

Brooks Christian Church

Itnwas built in 1910 after members of two nearby christian churches combined because most of their members lived in or very near Brooks. One of those two churches, County Line Christian, had been in existance since 1828. Brooks Christian is still an active church.
Andy Sarge

Old Powelton Methodist Church in Hancock County

Still has the separate entrance for women and men.
Read the full history here... 
Diane Fuller

Old Farmhouse in Lincoln County

It has been renovated and rebuilt but the tax record suggests this was at one time a log cabin with a dirt floor. The place setting date say 1797.
Andy Sarge

Missing a Plank Here and There

Nov 2018 
Charlie Sewell

House in Oconee County

It was raining in Oconee County when I took this picture last December.
Charlie Sewell

Beautiful Old Home

I just discovered in Coweta County.
Alice Knipp Garnto

Friday, January 11, 2019

Hidden Away Home in Cherokee County

Charlie Sewell

Just in the Need of a Little Touch-up in Cherokee County

Charlie Sewell

Victorian in Elberton

Circa 1892
Andy Sarge

Steel Bridge on the State Line of McCaysvill GA. and Copperhill TN

This is where the Toccoa River in Georgia becomes the Ocoee River when it crosses into Tennessee. The bridge was built in 1911.
Paul Bridges

Nice Older Home in Cherokee County

Charlie Sewell

Old Abandoned Home in Dublin

 Looks like it once had a front porch on both levels.
Rajeev Saxena

Old Abandoned Home in Hancock County

Mitzi Nixon Patterson

Old House next to Heavy's in Taliaferro County

Don't know if it's occupied anymore.
Andy Sarge

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Ware County
Leland Kent / Abandoned Southeast

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Nelson Baptist Church in Pickens County

 It was constructed in 1912, but the congregation goes back to at least 1885, probably earlier because the town was founded in 1843. The railroad came thru in 1883 and made it possible to easily transport marble from the large deposits here and this gave rise to the large marble quarries in the area.
Andy Sarge

Gwinnett County House

If it were not for a concrete driveway (partially covered in mud and leaves) this Gwinnett County house would almost be totally hidden from view.
Charlie Sewell

Almost Hidden

This little Cherokee County building can't be seen from the road. I turned into a dirt driveway to take a different picture then spotted this.
Charlie Sewell

Old House in Franklin County

 Place holder says 1900, but I'd be willing to be house was originally much earlier.
Andy Sarge