Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Victorian in Savannah

Another old Whitaker Street Victorian in Savannah. Built in 1890 and now an apartment or boarding house
Andy Sarge

WWII Tank on the Grounds of Georgia Veterans State Park

The Light Tank M.3 (Stuart I) entered into production in March 1941 and some of the earliest vehicles to be completed were in the hands of British tank units in the Middle East by August of the same year, where they were a valuable addition to British strength in desert battles.
Tim Kelley

A Double Rainbow in Elbert County!

Jeanne Mack

The Azaleas are Blooming in Sumter County

Photo Challenge #2
Jennifer Susan Harris
Jennifer is the second person to complete the photo challenge this month and this is the 3rd month that she has met the challenge. Thanks Susan for your efforts!!

Fireplace in Randolph County

Photo Challenge #1
Located in Randolph County this fireplace only has a small portion of its chimney left. It was a double side fireplace and was built on a foundation of rocks.
Jennifer Susan Harris

Old Gas Station

An old gas station I spotted in Crawford County.
Alice Knipp Garnto

Old Store in Danburg

 I think somebody told me that at one time this was a farm supply store. (Wilkes County)
Andy Sarge

St. Bartholomew’s Church in Chatham County

The structure was constructed in 1896 and is the oldest continuing black congregation in the diocese. The congregation actually predates the building, going back to 1832 when the church took an interest in the evangelization of slaves.
Chris Allen

The Vidette Store

The Vidette store in Vidette of course, is unique in that the gas station was built in 1930 and is still pumping gas 88 years later. Just about all of the stores were retired long ago and torn down or are now something else.
Andy Sarge

Monday, March 19, 2018

Lake Burton Dam

This monolithic inscription adorns the Lake Burton Dam, Rabun County. The Georgia Railway and Power Company, a precursor of Georgia Power, built the dam as the last piece of the North Georgia Hydro Group, the first integrated hydroelectric project in the U.S. The 100 year old community of Burton was demolished to make way for the lake. Lake Burton was declared full on August 22, 1920. Interestingly, the dam site and the surrounding 1000 acres were first discussed over a golf game between Andrew Gennett, owner of Gennett Lumber Company, and Henry Atkinson, CEO of the Georgia Railway and Power Company. The Power Company paid Gennett $40,000 for the site which had been logged and was worth little to Gennett. He later remarked in his autobiography, Sound Wormy (U. of GA Press), "I was very naive about its value. I could have gotten $150,000." The six dam group took advantage of the Tallulah River's extreme verticality, the greatest in the East. The completion of the project was a key part of the growing electric grid in Georgia.
Mike Maffett

Some Barns in Elbert County

Andy Sarge

Butler Island Chimneys

March challenge #1 - Old chimney
Here’s a two-fer. The tall chimney is all that’s left of a steam-powered rice mill on the Butler Island Plantation. The short chimney is the remains of a tidal power rice mill. Lots of history here. McIntosh County just south of Darien. 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Graffiti on Old Building in Thomas County

March Photo challenge #5
Holli Kilgore Redding

Old Fence in Thomas County

March Photo challenge #4
Holli Kilgore Redding

Old Truck in Thomas County

March Photo challenge #3
Holli Kilgore Redding

Old Structure in Thomas County

Photo challenge #2
Notice the round logs. 
Holli Kilgore Redding

Old Chimney in Colquitt County

Photo challenge #1.
Holli Kilgore Redding

Old Building in Talbot County

I love this dilapidated building in Talbot County. 
Ashley Lauren McPhail

Old House Covered in Wisteria

March Photo #2
On the back roads of Liberty County.
Kenneth Phillip Odom

Maysville Victorian

Complete with clutter and Christmas decorations. 
Andy Sarge

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Gothic Victorian in Monticello

Circa 1890
Andy Sarge

A Vietnam Era Helicopter

On Highway 140 in Fulton County
Charlie Sewell

Pawpaw's Old House

New house built behind Pawpaw's old place in Heard County.
Beth MacHarg Brown

Long Forgotten in Carroll County

Beth MacHarg Brown

Old Chicken House in Heard County

Beth MacHarg Brown

Carroll County Farmhouse

Back in the day this beautiful farmhouse in Carroll County stood on the edge of town surrounded by farmland. Today, though it is still occupied, it is part of the town with a business sitting in its front yard.
Beth MacHarg Brown

Pope's Museum in Grady County

Stevie Ray

Old Feed Supply Store in Gough

 Along the abandoned Georgia & Florida Railroad.
Andy Sarge

Base for an Old Syrup Kettle?

We found this in the woods on our property in Boston 
Does anyone know what it could be?
Mae Elder McCluney

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Old House in Heard County

This house is buried in the woods in Heard County, but because of the aluminum window awnings looks as if it had been occupied through the 50's or 60's. In the summer this house will be well hidden.
Beth MacHarg Brown

Beaverdam Baptist Church

 It was organized in 1836 as The Church of Christ at Beaverdam. In 1874, the name was changed to Beaverdam Baptist when 13 Black members split off to form their own church. The present sanctuary was constructed in the late 1890's. The steeple and entrance are more recent.
Andy Sarge

Heard County

Wonder how many stories were told at this gathering place in Heard County back in the day?
Beth MacHarg Brown

Old Ford Truck in Fulton County

Tobie Scarbrough

Old Car City in Bartow County

Charlie Sewell

Old Home in Emanuel County

Chris Allen

The O'Neal House in Blackshear

Circa 1868
Andy Sarge

Hidden Stairway in Downtown Savannah

It leads down to River Street. The stones along the ground are old ballast stones that they put in ships to weigh them down.
Chris Allen

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

This Was the Old Bryan Homestead in Marshallville

It was built by my great-great grandfather, John Lankston Bryan, son of Nathan Bryan. My mom was born (1931) in the front left corner room seen here in this picture. It no longer stands, but I have a brick from one of the fireplaces. Family graves and markers are still on the property as well.
Cindy Wright

Old Truck in Candler County

March Photo Challenge #3
Chris Allen

Spring Flowers

March Photo Challenge #2
Spring flowers with an old structure. This is an old house in Appling County. It is beginning to be covered with ivy and wisteria vine. Wisteria is blooming all around right now. It is very pretty but will take over in no time.
Jill Griffis Boatright

Old Fence in Appling County

March Photo Challenge #4
This is a fence along a dirt road in lower Appling County. There are not a lot of fences left around this area. Most of them have fallen down or have been pushed over by farmers to expand the fields. The yellow flowers that are by it are a plant that my daddy always called wild greens or wild mustard.
Jill Griffis Boatright

Old Truck

Another sunset on this old short wood truck in Camden County
Danny Dixon

Old Fence

Photo challenge #4
Old fence running along Hwy. 78 just south of Loganville 
Connie Stephens