Saturday, November 5, 2016

Chief Vann House in Spring Place, GA

Built in 1804 by slave labor on this Cherokee plantation. Bricks were made on the location from red clay, as were all the nails made in the plantation blacksmith shop. It was the first brick structure in the Cherokee nation. Has been called the "Showplace of the Cherokee Nation." Owned by James Vann, Cherokee Chief and wealthy businessman. One... of the oldest remaining structures in North Georgia. Many notables visited including President Monroe. The staircase is a cantilevered staircase and one of the oldest examples. The family was forced from the home at the time of the Cherokee Removal by setting it on fire. There is still a scorch mark on the beautiful wooden staircase. The house has been meticulously restored by local efforts of the Friends of the Vann House. It is open to the public and part of the State of Georgia's park system.
Valerie Hegwood

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