Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dasher GA

This is the centaph (a centaph is a monument honoring someone buried elsewhere- Phillip is actually buried in Ohio, but he is from the Dasher area) of Confederate soldier Phillip D. Copeland, in Dasher Cemetery in the small community of Dasher, which is in Lowndes County. Phillip was enlisted in the Confederate States of America Georgia infantry as a private; He was in the 1st regiment (Olmstead'...s) company G; Based on the birth & death year on his tombstone, Phillip was only 26 or 27 years old when he died in the war. According to archives online, 1st regiment (Olmstead's) was made up of militia companies from Savannah, as well as militias from the counties of DeKalb, Oglethorpe, Washington and Tattnall. There were also a few members from Quitman in Brooks County, which is most likely where Phillip joined, because his grave in Dasher is 25 miles from Quitman.
Jay Blanton

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