Thursday, November 3, 2016

Major Ridge Home (Cherokee Leader, Tribal Council) in Rome, GA

Today it is the Chieftans Museum. The house began as a log cabin (pre 1819). By 1828, Ridge and his son renovated it into a white clapboard house. Ridge eventually signed the New Echota Treaty which surrendered Cherokee Lands to the US government and he moved west prior to the Cherokee Removal and the Trail of Tears. Th...e Cherokee nation bitterly blamed Ridge and his family for the treaty and Ridge was murdered by Cherokee warriors in 1839, along with his son John and Elias Boudinot. This site is fascinating. In areas of the house they have removed small portions of the wall so one can actually see the construction of the house. Beautifully maintained site in such an old lovely structure. 
Valerie Hegwood

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