Sunday, April 30, 2017

Forgotten Georgia Guidlines

How to get your picture posted on this page..... This is a photography page to show what things look like now. Please don't send pictures you didn't take yourself, pictures of things that are no longer standing (unless you state that in your post), old pictures, pictures lifted from other pages, blurry pictures, pictures of just scenery, or pictures that need cropping. Post your picture on the timeline or send to us by private message. YOU MUST GIVE A COUNTY where the pict...ure was taken. Please give a little info if possible but try to keep it short. If you copy info directly off another page you must give a link to the page in your post. Please do not put more than 5 pictures at a time on the timeline. It's ok to share a town if the place is not abandoned. Do not share pictures that are out in the middle of nowhere and then give directions how to get there. We need to protect abandoned places from vandals. Thanks! 
Please remember to watch what you say in your comments This page is monitored. We will remove any post that causes a controversy or if the owner of the property wants it removed.
We are getting a lot of the same pictures over and over. The covered bridges, the house in Quitman, the Apiary in Wayne County, Milledgeville and others. You can always go here to check and see if your picture has been posted recently.... While some of the new viewers to the page may not have seen those pictures some of the older viewers may be sick of them. Try to find things that may not have been posted recently or frequently.
Churches need the name and a date if possible. Cemeteries need to be historic or unique in some way.  Just a picture of an old cemetery will not be accepted. Family cemeteries need something to make them unique. Pictures of tombstones need to be readable or the words on them included in your post. Any type of sign needs to be readable. Sorry but no drone pictures.
We have the right to "not post" any picture. If your picture doesn't get posted then you need to check the guidelines or you can private message us for a reason if you like. We will no longer be asking for a county or telling you on the timeline why we can't accept a picture. If someone posts a picture of something do not post a picture of the same view in the comments. That post belongs to whoever made it. It doesn't matter if you have been there or if you think your picture is better. We will only post one view of something for you. If you want to show more views then you will have to post them in the comments yourself. You have to do that AFTER the picture is posted on the page because they will not transfer automatically. It has been proven on this page that posts with a bunch of pictures in the comments do not get more likes than a post with one picture.

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