Monday, May 8, 2017

Remains of Old School in Grady County

The original Spence District Consolidated School was built in 1913. At that time it had 91 students, 2 classrooms and 2 teachers. The schools' first brick addition was built in 1925 for $18,000 and it replaced one of the wooden structures that had been destroyed by fire. That 1925 building was torn down in 1956 when Spence students began attending Shiver Elementary School. The oldest wooden structure was torn down and burned in 2004. The picture below is a part of that school that was built in 1941. This 1941 addition was an upgrade to 5 classrooms and 5 teachers. It contained a library, kitchen, lunchroom and bathroom for students. The remains of this structure is all that survives today.
Brenda Willis

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