Sunday, June 18, 2017

Brooks County Courthouse in Quitman

 It was built from 1859–64; Because of shortages of material and labor during the war, the courthouse was one of only TWO courthouses in Georgia built DURING the Civil War! Because of the war, plans for the courthouse were scaled down a good bit to save some time & money; a proposed parapet, cupola, roof balustrade, ornate courtroom columns, and port...icos on the ends of the building were never built. The county paid a whopping $14,985- that's next to nothing today, but in today's dollars, adjusted for inflation, that cost would only come out to $222,960 according to an online inflation calculator; so for a courthouse, that isn't really that expensive. They paid for this courthouse in Confederate money- a currency that because of the outcome of the war lost all value shortly after this courthouse first opened! The building was remodeled in 1892; The remodeled courthouse is Italian Renaissance Revival, with elements of Richardsonian Romanesque in the massive twin arches at the main entrance and Queen Anne style in the fenestration. 
Jay Blanton

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