Friday, May 25, 2018

Old Radio

This Model 328 Atwater Kent radio, manufactured in 1935, resides in Cherokee County. It is an 8 tube, AC powered model that picks up short wave as well as standard broadcast. In addition, the dial shows Amateur, Police, Aircraft, and Ship bands. It wasn’t until June 17, 1936, that FM radio was demonstrated to the FCC for the first time. I bought this as a non-working radio for $35.00 because it was nostalgic to me. Several years later, a friend, whom I had just met, totally restored it. He hollowed out transformers, tube shields, and other parts and inserted smaller modern parts. It has all new wiring, new speakers, grill fabric, knobs, decals and the cabinet was refinished. It looks like new inside and out.
Charlie Sewell

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