Thursday, May 3, 2018

Old Share Croppers Quarters in Pierce County

Old share croppers quarters around my house in Patterson. It's close to the old Zirkle Community to give you an idea. They were built in the late 1800s.
Chris Harris
Zirkle in Pierce County does not exist today. Before 1926, Zirkle was the second largest town in Pierce County. It had a sawmill and more than 300 workers who processed lumber every day. There were stores and homes. In 1926 the saw mill closed production and the town was no more. Zirkle’s population went to zero. Slowly the community went back to nature as the vegetation took over the buildings and evidence of the town disappeared.

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  1. I do know where the old dam is at the past old Davis zirkle lumber co area (town) but where's the share croppers quarters located? Any information about The Davis zirkle lumber co will be appreciated,thank you