Thursday, March 14, 2019

Old Bridge in Rabun County

About 1910 what would become the GA Power Company started building a series of six dams on the Tallulah River. It brought electrification to Atlanta, the major factor in the city's growth. The highest and largest lake in the chain is Lake Burton (1866'). The only east-west highway across NE GA is Highway 76. It followed roughly an old Indian path across the Blue Ridge. Its integrity was essential. While the lake was filling the Georgia Railroad and Power Company furnished a ferry across the Tallulah. However, at the same time they built a one lane concrete and steel bridge ("Jone's Bridge") to replace it. The bridge cost $100,000 and was completed in 1921. The bridge was replaced by a new two lane bridge in the mid-1970's. The old piers still stand bearing this inscription. The lake filled in 1920. The centennial of the lake and the bicentennial of the lost town of Burton is next year. 
Mike Maffett

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